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Astellas: Business-Critical Ethics and Compliance Platform Development

case study
Astellas Ethics and Compliance Platform Development

Providing sales reps access to business-critical customized Ethics and Compliance information from mobile devices in the field

Astellas Pharma US, Inc. is an affiliate of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc., a top global pharmaceutical research company.
Astellas’ Ethics and Compliance department has worked with Kanda to architect, develop and deploy a mobile and tablet-friendly custom data platform to allow sales representatives to access all up to date and location-specific information about applicable ethics and compliance policies and contact information.
The data platform further enhances the US Ethics and Compliance team’s ability to send timely updates to the field, and field representatives can quickly and easily find required documents, with an integrated ability to find contacts, make calls and send messages.


Astellas’ Ethics and Compliance Department’s mission is to ensure sales representatives are conducting business with ethics and integrity while improving the health of people.
Ethics and Compliance wanted to dramatically improve access and usability of its information as well as provide a better user experience for field teams. At the same time, the new platform needed to fit well within the large Astellas IT infrastructure consisting of many stakeholders and various software requirements.


Astellas’ US Ethics and Compliance department can now further deliver on its mandate to help sales representatives conduct business with ethics and integrity.

  • Astellas sales representatives now have enhanced access to important Ethics and Compliance information when in the field
  • Simpler application navigation allows users to more quickly find information with less effort
  • New data visualization approach, with drill down capabilities, helps users more easily navigate to the information they need
  • Sales representatives now have a new integrated ability to find contacts, make calls and send messages
  • The Ethics and Compliance department can easily send timely updates to the field
  • Ethics and Compliance team members receive fewer ad hoc queries for information

Kanda is now providing maintenance & support.


Kanda Software’s expertise with several technologies was used, including:

  • AngularJS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint’s native security controls and user IAM privileges
  • Adherence to Astellas’ corporate firewall policies
  • Web App and user interface design supporting all devices (iOS, Android, Windows, phones, tablets, PCs)

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