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Automating Mobile Application Testing


Mobile application users are savvy and have high expectations for the quality for the applications they install on their devices. Users expect mobile apps to be responsive, stable and secure. They want simple yet comprehensive user interfaces with a bug-free functionality. You need to meet those demands across multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows, and multiple devices.

It’s a challenge for any company to achieve and maintain the quality of mobile applications. Many companies neglect mobile testing, because it requires additional time and cost constraints. The lack of mobile testing strategy leads to a lower application quality and high abandonment rates and, eventually, in overall increased quality-associated costs Mobile application test automation can significantly improve development process and, will quickly pay off.

Automated tests can run frequently and are well suited when testing in an agile environment that requires the ability to quickly adjust to changing mobile development goals and processes.It is important to understand that 100% mobile test automation is hardly realistic. When making a decision which tests should be automated, their value and the required effort need to be compared. High-value/Low-effort tests should be automated first.

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