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Best Practices in Mobile Quality Assurance and Testing


How to prepare your mobile application for the survival in the app Jungle.

Mobile applications market represents a highly competitive landscape with a diverse set of mobile devices, carrier restrictions and constantly changing iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Each year app users get more opportunities to directly influence the success of the applications, and their requirements and expectations are growing exponentially.

The quality of a mobile application is a corner stone of its success in the marketplace. To get those desired five star ratings, a mobile application needs to rise above these challenges and deliver high performance under varying conditions. The robust mobile quality assurance process helps developers and businesses successfully deliver and launch mobile solutions by overcoming major challenges that negatively impact development, release and distribution.

Following the best mobile testing practices will not only help ensure that your app works on a variety of devices and your users have an annoyance-free experience –It will help you reach many more users via positive referrals, ratings and reviews. The best practices in mobile testing take into account all the restrictions imposed by hardware and software, app store requirements and numerous SDKs.

This White Paper describes best approaches to Testing and QA of Mobile Applications.

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