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Deployed Resources: Improving Logistical Support to Aid Responders in the Wake of Short or No-notice Events

case study

Improving Logistical Support to Aid
Responders in the Wake of Short or
No-notice Events

Case Study

Deployed Resources

Deployed Resources is the industry leader in facility support and logistical services. Founded in 2001, the company comprises innovators from the construction, engineering, defense, and entertainment industries. With assets across the country and one of the largest inventories capable of supporting over 20,000 individuals, Deployed Resources is able to respond to the customers’ needs 24/7/365.

The company has three key focus areas: emergency management, logistical support, and event planning and management services tailored to customers’ needs. Dedicated to reliability and with expertise in the military, construction, and engineering industries, Deployed Resources is the first-choice provider for Government, Commercial, Emergency Management and Event Support contracts.

Deployed Resources’ personnel is trained in OSHA Competent Person Training and ICS/NIMS, and the company manufacturing and services are ISO 9001:2015 certified, a significant sign that prioritized safety, environmental sustainability, and quality are the cornerstone of the company operations.

The Challenge

Over the years, Deployed Resources used DRAT, a PHP-based custom-developed asset management application. It stored and managed over 2000 inventory equipment assets such as Containers, Kitchen, Power tools, Trailers, Plumbing, Vehicles, Electronics, Laundry, and Miscellaneous. DRAT is also available on mobile devices.

With an increasing number of assets managed in the application, myriad issues related to the application performance and UI appeared.

The Solution

Deployed Resources addressed Kanda to replace the current DRAT asset management application with a new custom-developed desktop and a mobile version of the application built accordingly with modern application usability and performance standards. One of the requirements for the end product was seamless offline synchronization capabilities that would have allowed users lacking a stable Internet connection to have their data changes saved and synchronized whenever the connection is restored.

Apart from the core requirement above, the project team developed a list of high-level requirements the new asset management system must include.

The project team aimed to modernize DRAT by:

  • Moving DRAT application to AWS
  • Improving asset management and reporting
  • Upgrading data protection
  • Increasing compatibility of mobile and desktop
  • Making advanced asset search and location management
  • Adding enhanced backup capabilities
  • Developing better visualization tools
  • Adding more integration capabilities (Google/Apple Maps,
    Email services, etc.)

Technology Stack

  • AWS
  • Angular
  • .NET
  • ASP NET Core Web API

The Results

Working closely with Deployed Resources Kanda team designed, developed and rolled out DRAT 2.0, a modernized version of DRAT which streamlined the company’s asset management process:

  • 2000+ assets were successfully migrated to the
    new modernized asset tracking and management
  • With many modern features such as mapping
    filtering, file attachments capabilities the team
    experience boosted efficiency in managing their
    inventory items.
  • The Deployed Resources team can now work with
    data while staying confident that the changes will
    be synchronized and saved even if they are in an
    offline mode.
  • With a modernized system, now all the data has
    security controls – SSO Integration, DB Protection,
    User Roles, Web-based protection, and NIST 800-171
  • Users now have better control over data with an
    enhanced automated reporting system: Daily Status
    Reports, Manual Reports, Location Reports, Vehicle
    Reports, Asset Reports, and Inspection Reports.
  • Now the Deployed Resources team has detailed
    information on each asset’s active location, as well as
    location history.

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