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Enhancing Data Management and Application Efficiency for a Leading Fleet Solutions Provider

Enhancing Data Management and Application Efficiency for a Leading Fleet Solutions Provider

Enhancing Data Management and Application
Efficiency for a Leading Vehicle Diagnostics and
Fleet Management Solutions Provider

Case Study

Enhancing Data Management

About the Customer

Established in the early 1990s and based in North Carolina, our customer is a leader in vehicle diagnostics and fleet management solutions. With over twenty-five years of experience in gathering and analyzing vehicle data, they have developed solutions that lead the industry in diagnostics, repair, and vehicle health management.

Their commitment to exceeding customer expectations is fulfilled in their proactive approach to anticipating and addressing the needs of a diverse client base. This clientele encompasses top-tier fleets, OEMs, dealerships, independent repair facilities, municipalities, and military organizations, all of whom rely on our customer for their advanced, customer-centric solutions.

The Challenge

The customer managed over 50 Microsoft SQL databases, which were siloed and thus prevented data sharing. They also faced challenges with an in-house developed IoT data processor, lack of data warehousing solution causing high costs because IoT data was stored in transactional databases.

Additionally, they required an upgrade of their application stack from .NET 4.6 to .NET Core and an upgrade of their flagship portal from AngularJS to Angular 13.

Application Efficiency

The Solution

Kanda Software addressed these challenges with a comprehensive approach which included the following:

  • Data management overhaul

The Kanda team conducted an in-depth analysis of the customer’s databases, implementing a data warehousing solution using Azure Synapse Analytics. This included creating an Azure environment for effective management and backup of IoT data.

  • API development

Kanda constructed numerous APIs to enhance various services, focusing on backend efficiency and integration.

  • Application stack upgrade

The customer’s applications were upgraded from .NET 4.6 to the more advanced .NET Core.

  • Front-end application revamp

Kanda transitioned the customer’s flagship product from AngularJS to Angular 12/13, navigating through budget and time constraints.

 Technology Stack

  • Microsoft SQL Server: Utilized for managing the complex array of databases.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics: Chosen for the data warehousing solution, Synapse allowed for an effective organization and analysis of large datasets. Azure provided the cloud infrastructure necessary for managing and backing up IoT data.
  • .NET Core: .NET Core offered enhanced performance and compatibility, making it ideal for developing modern, efficient APIs.
  • Angular 12/13: This modern version of Angular enabled the creation of a more dynamic and user-friendly interface for the flagship product.
  • • API Technologies: The APIs were designed to ensure backend efficiency and integration, using .NET technologies for development.

The Results

The customer’s project achieved its successful outcome through the concerted efforts of a highly skilled and diverse team. This group comprised a project manager, business analyst, data engineers, database architect, backend/frontend/full-stack software engineers, and quality assurance specialists. Their dedication and cohesive teamwork were fundamental to the project’s success.

Key changes implemented during the project included:

  • Enhancement of the customer’s data management capabilities with a new data warehouse, leading to improved data sharing and more efficient storage.
  • Development and integration of new APIs, which streamlined various services and significantly improved overall system efficiency.
  • Upgrading the customer’s application stack to .NET Core and the latest Angular version, thereby modernizing it in line with contemporary technological standards.
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