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Helix eSports: Elevating the Gaming Experience With Data-Powered Advancement

Helix eSports

Elevating the Gaming Experience With Data-Powered Advancement

Case Study

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Helix eSports

Helix eSports is a state-of-the-art esports center with a strong presence in the United States. They’ve reimagined the classic LAN center and internet cafe by offering a pro-level esports experience to gamers of all ages and skill levels.

With cutting-edge facilities, top-tier gaming equipment, dedicated fiber internet, and a team of experts, they are wholly committed to delivering the ultimate esports experience.

The Challenge

Helix eSports runs two gaming teams competing in various esports tournaments, including some of today`s most popular games. They faced a data representation challenge – they wanted a live leaderboard to display their teams’ performance on-screen at their centers.

The key challenge was to collect and display data such as username, score, location, and rewards for the best performers. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate data from their two different games into this leaderboard.

Helix eSports

The Solution

Kanda Software stepped in to provide a technical solution that would enable Helix eSports to achieve their replay leaderboard goals.

The solution involved several key components:

  • Data collection

Kanda Software developed a Windows service that was installed on each gaming PC in the esports center. This service collected data about the games being played, including player performance, results, and the location of the game.

  • Data extraction

For certain games which store replay data on the local computer, the software would extract the necessary information for the leaderboard.

  • Cloud integration

The collected data was then sent to an AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud environment for processing, with AWS Amplify and Lambda used as the key tools.

  • Leaderboard display

The processed data was used to update a real-time leaderboard on the Helix eSports website, displaying usernames, scores, locations, and rewards for the best players.

  • Historical data

The cloud environment stored historical data, allowing Helix eSports to access previous weeks’ results if needed.

Technology Stack

  • Windows Service: Developed using .NET for data collection on gaming PCs.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services): Amplify: Utilized for easy app development. Lambda: Used to process and manage data in the cloud.
  • Website: Created using HTML and JavaScript for displaying the real-time leaderboard.

The Results

The implementation of Kanda Software’s solution transformed the way Helix eSports approached tournaments and gaming performance tracking. With the real-time leaderboard, they could now offer a dynamic and engaging experience to their audience, promoting both the competitive and fun aspects of gaming.

Key results and features of the solution include:

  • Real-time leaderboards displaying player scores, usernames, locations, and rewards.
  • Ability to include data from multiple games at once.
  • Streamlined data collection and processing, making it easier to manage and display performance metrics.
  • Historical data storage for easy access to past gaming results.
Helix eSports and Kanda Software

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