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A HIPAA Compliant Cloud Strategy. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider


Over the past few years the number of innovative startups and established technology organizations focusing their attention on the various aspects of Digital Health has been steadily growing.

The majority of the Digital Health organizations, particularly startups, are facing the challenge of striking the right balance between the HIPAA compliance and running a lean business. Cloud technology enables healthcare organizations to focus their efforts on relevant services and improved patient outcomes, significantly reduces the burden of infrastructure management, simplifies technology adoption and drives operational costs down.

The Digital Health vendors who choose to deploy their solutions in the commercial cloud, often have little or no control where or how this data is moved, handled, or stored by the Cloud Service Provider (CSP). “A HIPAA Compliant Cloud Strategy. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider” White Paper describes factors Digital Healthcare companies need to consider while moving to the cloud and choosing CSP.

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