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Kanda Helps NeoLab modernize and future-proof Rx Wizard solution through an AWS Migration and Optimization

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NeoLab RX Wizard Legacy Platform Modernization through AWS Migration and Optimization
NeoLab is a full service ortho lab that uses a combination of cutting edge tools to accept new dental orthodontic prescriptions and manage the manufacturing and fulfillment of doctor and patient orders. Since their opening over 40 years ago, they have established their reputation as a high-quality provider through uncompromising standards and competitive pricing.

NeoLab Rx Wizard web platform is aimed at helping orthodontists expedite their workflow and create scripts with their standards and practice info already pre-populated. Rx Wizard includes features like script automation, digital uploads for those with intraoral scanner files, an appliance gallery filled with solutions to help with the selections, and a user-friendly script management section which displays sortable script history.


  • With the rise in popularity of digital services, healthcare providers seek to modernize their systems and meet the demands of their clients by making high-quality healthcare services quick and easy to deliver and receive.
  • The client contacted Kanda to rewrite and replace their current RxWizard, integrate it with EasyRx, create predefined templates for predefined events and notifications and migrate their prior data into the new future-proof easily scalable and cost-efficient cloud-based platform.


Neolab was looking to modernize existing Rx Wizard system and expand its current functionality by:

  • Replacing their legacy system capable of accepting new dental orthodontic prescriptions and managing the manufacturing and fulfillment of dentist/patient orders with an AWS-based HIPAA-compliant architecture that is scalable, secure and future-proof
  • Creating a Web Application for administration, case management, and dashboards
  • Developing an Android mobile application for technicians to use with NeoLab supplied Tablets
  • Integrating with a 3rd party invoicing and billing solution to provide recurring payments, balance support, online payments, and reporting
  • Setting up a packaging and shipping solution that integrates with UPS to ship completed products
  • Supplying technical documentation, including checklists for operations

The new Rx Wizard is a secure, HIPAA-compliant AWS deployment, with role-based access control, and encryption at rest and in transit across the solution. A monitoring solution with manual Disaster Recovery capabilities in an active and passive mode is now available.


  • RxWizard is used daily in the management of incoming prescription orders, the lab’s production of orthodontic appliances, and in regular communication with dentists
  • The response from NeoLab customers has been overwhelmingly positive, and provides an additional value to the business as a whole
  • The engineering development and support teams provide ongoing help and insight into the inner workings of the system

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