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Medicine-On-Time: Improving patient quality of life through safe, accurate solutions to medication management

case study

Medicine On Time applicationMedicine-On-Time (MOT), the pioneer in multi-dose prescription packaging, needed to completely rewrite itssoftware application to meet the modern needs of its pharmacy customers and to position the company for future growth. Kanda played a critical role by helping MOT to secure investment capital, and by becoming their dedicated development partner charged with architecting and developing a new software application that can scale with the company’s North American expansion.

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Business growth for MOT required a next generation product but it was important not to disrupt the existing pharmacy customers who were accustomed to the out-of-date interface and functionality. This required careful consideration, keeping the best of the legacy system while reworking the areas that needed to be changed and improved. Up to this point, any changes to the product required extensive hands-on customer support. This was extremely costly, inefficient, and unscalable. Further, the 18-year-old system relied on outdated technologies and a cumbersome user interface.

The time had come to completely rewrite the MOT prescription application software to position the company for the future.


Today, MOT has a newly designed application that can scale as the company expands its reach to new and larger pharmacies throughout the nation. The new software offers all of the features of the legacy software but has the built-in flexibility for limitless integration and Web-based expansion, as well as the latest in security and encryption technology. This full-featured product, developed by the Kanda team, enablespharmacies to manage patient prescription information, prepare customized medication calendar cards, process prescription renewals, and plan for medicine inventory. Thanks to this project, MOT has the stable infrastructure to grow its business with greater efficiency while providing superior customer service to pharmacies and patients. Kanda continues to be a partner to MOT, supporting and maintaining the application while continuing to meet its ongoing development needs.

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