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Mobile Application Support, Maintenance and Improvement for a Globally Recognized Healthcare Solutions Provider

Enhancing Data Management and Application Efficiency for a Leading Fleet Solutions Provider

Mobile Application Support, Maintenance and Improvement for a Globally Recognized Healthcare Solutions Provider

Case Study

Enhancing Data Management

About the Customer

Our customer is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative healthcare mobile applications specializing in patient care and medical data management.

The software-enabled platform combines the human psychology factor of a telehealth session and AI coaching with the clinically validated success of therapeutic interventions.

The customer builds applications for end-users and adjusts them for the vast spectrum of client organizations: enterprises, health plans, health systems, and even pharmaceutical companies. It also covers a broad range of life challenges and chronic conditions through a clinician-proven platform and a network of communities, helping people take part in their care at any stage.

With a truly global focus, the customer’s applications are localized in 10 languages and contribute to helping more than 18 million lives around the globe.

The Challenge

The Kanda team experienced several critical challenges with the customer. The most significant challenge was taking over full responsibility of three application areas from an existing vendor, and the goal was to accomplish this in just three months.

The second challenge was creating three engineering teams, totaling 22 people, within 60 days.

Finally, the client experienced fluctuations in business requirements and reallocation of resources as needed resulting in a need for the Kanda team to flex to continue to meet client needs.

Application Efficiency

The Solution

Kanda Software, which served as the client’s de facto engineering department, delivered a multifaceted approach to the project by implementing the following solutions:

  • Setting up a parallel environment

Kanda worked with the client to set up a parallel environment with all relevant software and a hardware environment mirroring the customer’s existing software development environment. This allowed our team to learn the architecture, the code, and the CI/CD pipelines to successfully solve complex technical issues and bugs.

  • Resource management

Kanda’s extensive resource base enabled us to staff three teams in the required timeframe. Each candidate was assigned based on the customer preferences and geographical restrictions.

Kanda’s project managers were put in a complex, multi-role position, providing daily engineering management for all the team members, both on the Kanda side as well as the customer side. This created a highly collaborative and success-driven environment.

  • Continuous improvement and feature development

Kanda performed maintenance in the application’s working frame by assisting the customer in improving the overall quality of their applications and improving the time-to-market delivery of new features.

Technology Stack

The project was implemented using React and Angular, Jinja2 and RestAPI, JavaScript and TypeScript, AWS, iOS, and Android as the technology stack. These tools allowed Kanda to resolve the problems, ensuring scalable, timely and optimal solutions.

The Results

As with all organizations providing complex services, the customer was burdened with multiple internal challenges. However, by allowing the client’s problem to become our own, Kanda provided the much-anticipated connectivity tissue and assisted the customer in overcoming obstacles more seamlessly.

In a nutshell, agile engagement, relationships, and partnership enabled the project team to solve the technical and resource management issues.

The project is still in progress, and we are confident in its successful outcome. Agility and a systematic approach to complex situations are the way to success.

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