College Interactive: Native iOS application development

School recruiting is an art. Colleges and Universities entice students to enroll with colorful marketing packages, ultimate campus visits, special programs and student blogs. But these days, with the rise of mobile use and social media, schools are offered an opportunity to create personalized connections to potential students.

On the other hand, prospective students are bombarded with large amounts of information and the majority of them are having a hard time finding the college of their dreams and successfully maturing through a cumbersome application process.

Rob Feldman turned to Kanda with an idea to transform college-student connection through technology. CollegeInteractive (CI) is an iOS-based mobile marketing and social media platform with advanced analytics capabilities aimed to connect Colleges and Universities with prospective students on their preferred communication platform.


Kanda software has allocated one iOS developer skilled in native mobile app implementation, UI/UX designer, two server-side developers and a QA engineer to design, develop and test College Interactive mobile app.


  • User-friendly modern design
  • Flawless and streamlined user experience
  • For colleges and universities: advanced mobile analytics for highly targeted marketing and recruitment.
  • For students: Matching algorithm that will help students find colleges according to their interests, grades, location, etc.
  • Scalable solution capable of supporting rapidly growing user base


College Interactive mobile app has revolutionized the way college and universities find, communicate, market and recruit prospective students. The app also helps students to simplify college or university search process based on their achievements and interests, to engage with admission offices, to learn about the application process, requirements and payment options. Within a year of it’s launch CI was able to start partnerships with over 5000 institutions of higher learning and sign up a large community prospective students from 168 countries.

In 2016, College Interactive has reached Top 10 apps on the App Store iOS Top Charts in the Education segment.