Preference-based Search Engine


dSide offers users a simplest way to find products or services that are just right for them. The company was founded on the concept that many online shoppers are left out in the cold by existing product search and navigation solutions.
dSide offers a groundbreaking way to compare alternative products based on what is uniquely important to each customer. It uses an approach that matches customer preferences directly to a retailer’s products. Additionally, dSide’s cloud-based technology easily integrates with any existing eCommerce platform, so online retailers can set it up fast.


dSide turned to Kanda to build powerful, but scalable SaaS software platform based on dSide Decision Engine, Marketing Engine and Analytics Engine. Additionally, dSide asked Kanda to develop a self-contained version of the platform for iOS devices.


Kanda has created dSide solution adhering to several important requirements:

Preference-based search engine

    • Ability to handle big data sets with easy integration and minimum impact on retailers’ systems
    • High relevancy of search and promotions
    • Customization capability on the retailer’s side
    • Fully integrated powerful analytics capabilities
    • Easy front- and back-end integration
    • Ability to integrate with retailers’ in-house solutions
    • Full click stream capture and analysis, advanced analytics capability (based on dSide analytics engine)
    • Admin interfaces for Marketing, Analytics and Decision engines

Additionally, Kanda teams helped with UI design. Using Responsive Design techniques, Kanda was able to provide optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.