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May 02, 2024
Big Data Visualization Techniques: Unlocking Insights from Complex Data

In 1999, “big data” was referred to as 1 GB. Nowadays, it represents vast quantities of information, measured in petabytes (1024 terabytes), exabytes (1024 petabytes), or even zettabytes (1024 exabytes).  Such data volumes …

May 01, 2023
The Role of a Data Architect in Software Product Development: Insights from Goran Skorput — Field CTO at Kanda

Software product development has become increasingly complex, with data playing a critical role in software products’ success. To gain insight into the role of a data architect in software product development, we interviewed …

November 30, 2022
How Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are Impacting the Financial Industry: Use Cases

From insurance to healthcare to finance, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data significantly impact various fields of life. For the financial industry especially, the opportunities of AI and Big Data are immense since they …

October 13, 2022
How Data Science Consulting Can Maximize Productivity

With ever-evolving methodologies and technological breakthroughs, Data Science remains an unexplored and challenging field, raising countless dilemmas for business owners. No matter the size, big or small, data consulting companies are the ones …

May 16, 2022
4 Significant Advantages of Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Sector

In the wake of the digital revolution, companies throughout every sector have sought new ways to integrate cutting-edge digital technologies into their existing business processes in order to promote innovation, increase operational efficiency …

December 28, 2021
How Kanda is Using AI & Machine Learning to Help Clients Make the Most of RWD

From Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to health related apps and devices, the volume and complexity of Real-World Data (RWD) being generated in Healthcare and Life Sciences requires specialized approaches to successfully transform it …