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Educational Webinar Series:
Effective Agile in a Distributed Environment

Due to the current pandemic, many companies have suddenly shifted to remote work over the past few weeks. Because effective Agile practices in distributed culture are in our DNA, we have partnered with AgileSparks to create a series of educational webinars to help companies navigate the new normal and setup effective collaboration, product and development management practices to achieve agility and meet milestones in work-from-home and distributed environments.

“Ask me Anything” sessions with Yuval Yeret Professional Scrum Trainer, SAFe SPCT, Agile Coach will address specific issues, questions and techniques relevant you company’s and team’s individual bottlenecks and processes.


Module 1: April 23, 1pm EST

Module 2: April 30, 1pm EST

Module 3: May 7, 11am EST

    What You Will Learn

    Module 1:

    Working Agreements and Facilitation

    This module focuses on agility in extreme circumstances and is aimed at providing useful techniques that will help with adapting to fast changing environments and business uncertainty.
    Our Agile experts will cover experience-proven working agreements using Scrum values, small-scale liberating structures, and decision making-techniques to facilitate effective work and collaboration for distributed and work-from-home teams.

    Module Outline

    • Agility in the context of current crisis
    • Working Agreements effective in a distributed/WFH environment
    • Effective Decision Making – Brainstorming, Prioritizing, Voting
    • Facilitation techniques that work well in a fully distributed environment
    • Lean Coffee – One of the most powerful and engaging facilitation techniques
    • “Ask me Anything”

    • Length: 2 Hours

    Module 2:

    Adjusting Scrum Events to a Fully Distributed Team

    Module 2 is centered around a practical implementation of Scrum methodology to set,plan and achieve the goals in an environment of extreme uncertainty by implementing shorter, more flexible Sprints. We will cover a variety of estimation techniques that work for distributed teams as well as Sprint review processes.

    Module Outline

    • Daily Scrum – The watercooler for a physically distanced team
    • Planning in an environment of extreme uncertainty – Effectively using Scrum Sprint Planning
    • Estimation techniques – Beyond Planning Poker
    • Review – An opportunity to inspect and adapt the direction
    • An effective, engaging and fun fully distributed Retrospective
    • “Ask me anything”

    • Length: 2 Hours

    Module 3:

    Personal and Family Agility

    This module concentrates on personal and family agility.
    Gain control amidst the Chaos using Personal Kanban, Pomodoro, and beyond.Should we use Agile/Scrum/Kanban with the Family? If so what might work?

    Module Outline

    • Personal Kanban, Pomodoro and beyond
    • Agile/Scrum/Kanban with the Family
    • “Ask me Anything”

    • Length: 1 Hour

    Speaker Spotlight

    Yuval Yeret – Professional Scrum Trainer, SAFe SPCT, Agile Coach

    Yuval Scrum

    With over 17 years in technology management both in IT and Product Development, Yuval easily jumps into the world of clients – whether a small startup, enterprise product development, or an IT unit. Yuval has led some of our key enterprise-level agile implementations and has been central to AgileSparks’s pragmatic best-of-breed solution design, taking the best from each approach, and not sticking to any particular dogma.
    Over the last couple of years, Yuval has led the inclusion of thinking/models from Kanban, Complexity Thinking, Lean Startup, and more into the AgileSparks method and has created our Kanban/Flow Lean practice and basically kickstarted Kanban for software in Israel. Yuval is a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4), a Professional Scrum.org Trainer (PST) and an internationally recognized Kanban Trainer and Thought Leader.
    He’s a recipient of the Lean Systems Society Brickell Key Award for upcoming world-influencing talent and is a Lean Systems Society Founding Fellow. You can check out his thinking in the popular blog at YuvalYeret.com or in his book “Holy Land Kanban”. Yuval is also a SAFe contributor.
    He’s also currently involved in an effort to create a Scrum.org Professional Kanban for Scrum Teams that is designed exactly for teams requiring tune-ups and looking to improve their agile maturity by combining the best practices from both Scrum and Kanban.

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