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With almost three decades of experience in custom enterprise software development, Kanda
provides exceptional engineering talent to help organizations big and small develop
innovative and modern software solutions. Our commitment to our clients’ success
is a point of pride for us, and our expertise in everything from software product
development to legacy system migration is unparalleled.

Why Kanda?

Years of Excellence
Happy Clients
Applications Delivered
Leveraging 25+ years of Best Practices
Leveraging 29 years of Best Practices
in custom software development, deployment, quality assurance and maintenance
Solutions Tailored to Your Business
Solutions Tailored to Your Business
Kanda engineering teams understand the software development lifecycle and business drivers of our customers’ products and possess the expertise to help them get their development done right…and fast
Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
Teams that Feel like an Extension of your Own
We invest in building custom software development teams with shared goals and sense of ownership that seamlessly blend with clients’ business processes, methodologies and practices
Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
Flexible and Cost-Effective Solutions
Kanda has perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your custom software development, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources
Snowflake Services

Enterprise Software
Development Services

Custom Enterprise
Software Development
Leverage our knowledge of enterprise software development to design and create innovative digital solutions. Optimize your business operations with security and scalability backed by a team of experts.
App Modernization
Streamline your legacy application to fit a more modern standard of efficiency in order to reduce cost, hassle and risk. Engage our experienced engineers to perform a comprehensive technical evaluation to determine how your digital solution can be transformed into a cutting-edge architectural environment.
Software Integration
Take advantage of our enterprise application integration services to strengthen the infrastructure of your software with Kanda’s rigorous development processes, secure API and data integration.
Digital Transformation Services
We specialize in moving and improving applications in the cloud, accelerating custom software development processes, and orchestrating a data-driven approach to digital service delivery and transformation.
Data Management
Kanda’s team of data science engineers are adept at helping organizations thrive in a data-driven world by conceiving reliable big data management strategies individualized to unique business objectives.
Enterprise Mobility Services
Kanda employs state-of-the-art mobility solutions to enable large enterprises to securely and efficiently manage the large-scale use of mobile devices capable of supporting a myriad of users in a given business environment.

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Technologies for Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence
Kanda employs AI and machine learning algorithms to improve operating efficiency and develop automated solutions that optimize workflows and business processes.
Big Data
From consulting and development to optimization and maintenance, we help companies leverage big data to derive actionable insights that facilitate a better understanding of market trends and customer preferences
Internet of Things
By gathering and transmitting crucial information, IoT devices provide a stream of insightful data that can be used to improve operational efficiency. Kanda helps companies organize, integrate, monitor and remotely manage IoT devices securely and at scale.
Cloud Engineering
Our team of AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure Cloud-Certified engineers excel in helping our clients build high-performance scalable and secure solutions to maximize return on cloud initiatives, reduce costs and lower risk.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Kanda works alongside you and your team to determine the best engagement approach for your
organization. We have a comprehensive understanding of the timeline in which critical milestones must be
accomplished in order to advance to the next stage of development. Our commitment to contemporary Agile
practices helps us tackle your goals and deliver market-ready solutions in a time-sensitive manner.
Time & Materials
Time & Materials

Ideal for flexible engagements, such as discovery, rapid prototyping and maintenance, our T&M model allows you to quickly scale up and down your commitment.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price

Our Fixed Price model is ideal for projects with clearly defined objectives and milestones. We provide detailed proposals, schedules and deliverables.

Retainer Agreement
Retainer Agreement

Kanda works with a number of clients on monthly and annual retainer agreements. This structured engagement is ideal for project kickoffs and ongoing work.


Because all projects are different, we offer different pricing and engagement models. A hybrid models offers the perfect blend of structure and flexibility.

Software Development Lifecycle

We consult with our client to understand the full scope of the project, so that we can develop custom software solutions based on their exact expectations and timeline.
Business Analysis
We conduct an in-depth analysis of the business to determine the best way to go about designing your enterprise software solution.
We establish the optimal system architecture and requisite technology stack based on the project specifications.
Support & Maintenance
We provide technical support and assistance to maintain the peak performance of your software solution, and to ensure that your system continues to perform at full capacity.
Quality Assurance
We carefully test and evaluate the software in order to identify and fix any potential bugs or defects.
Web & Mobile Development
Our team of experienced developers begin constructing the system using the agreed-upon coding language and methodologies.

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