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459_13Since 1993, Kanda Software has been delivering end-to-end software development, quality assurance and support solutions to clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups in all stages of funding.

Kanda is a premier full service Development and Quality Assurance partner, specializing in the development of time-sensitive and innovative SaaS, mobile and on-premises solutions. For our clients software is a critical success factor. To every project, we bring a combination of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous best practices, commitment to protection of client’s IP and accountability of a US company with over two decades of impeccable reputation.

According to the Inc. 500 ranking Kanda is the 13th fastest growing MA company and 459th in the US overall.
Kanda Software has successfully delivered well over two thousand solutions to hundreds of clients. Our customers vary from large corporations to dynamic startups, from software vendors and SaaS companies to digital healthcare innovators, app vendors, marketing firms, financial services providers, publishers and educational institutions.

Kanda has been the secret sauce in MarketSpectrum, the biggest-selling software product in the history of DnB, the Mass Challenge winner social network RallyPoint and the UPenn’s AppITUP mobile app winner Rescufy.

We have perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting development and QA processes at the right time, using the right resources. Our lengthy and extensive track record has equipped us with the ability to provide rapid, cost-effective solutions that blend seamlessly with the product and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, architecture, UX design, rapid development, functional QA, or QA automation – or all of the above.



Alex Karpovsky, CEO

Alex’s successful track record includes over 20 years in software development management, consulting, and product marketing. Prior to Kanda, he held senior software development, joint venture, and channel management positions with Index Technologies, Intersolv, and Dataware Technologies.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Harvard University as well as a master’s degree in Management of Technology from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Alex is a regular speaker at DCI, SIMBA, and other conferences and has written for the leading industry publications including Computer World, Mass High Tech, and Solutions Integrator.

Tibor Vais, President, Software Development and Delivery

Tibor is an expert in software development and delivery of customer solutions. He brings a blend of experience in software management and product development and has spent over 25 years managing software development, from building tools for other developers (e.g. commercial DBMS and fourth-generation language products) to building enterprise-class applications, including two SaaS products.

He has put together software engineering teams from scratch at early-stage companies and managed offshore teams of over 200 people from Russia and India.


Vlad Hrabrov, Senior Vice President, Delivery and Operations

Vladimir Hrabrov is in charge of Tri-State Area operations and has over 25 years of experience designing and developing scalable enterprise and cloud-based systems. An Agile Manifesto Signatory and Certified Scrum Practitioner, Vlad brings valuable experience in building strong engineering teams, a proven, disciplined approach to product development, release, risk, and quality management.

Prior to Kanda, Vlad worked at Fidelus, Accenture/Origin Digital, Hewlett-Packard/Novadigm, PHD Virtual, Legend Corp/Spectrum Concepts, where he held key leadership and engineering positions.

People – that’s what makes Kanda Kanda

Nuance team

Nuance team in Minsk

At Kanda, we are committed to hiring, training and retaining the best talent. Our hiring practices and project deployment tools are guided by the need to establish and maintain the best technical teams in a highly competitive environment, where excellent people are in a very high demand yet are imperative for a successful services company with Kanda’s aspirations.

Kanda has over four hundred software engineers well versed in different combinations of C++, Java, C#, RoR, Objective C, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Scala and other languages with experience in multitude of underlying platforms, IDEs, APIs, databases and frameworks.

Server and Desktop
C/C#/ C++
Windows Phone
Cordova, Xamarin
Quality Assurance
HP test suite
Robotium Solo
Custom test automation
Front-End and Responsive UI
Knockout.JS, Node.JS
Ext, Dojo/AJAX

We have a diverse talent in all areas of software development and delivery:

  • Technical Leads
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • System Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Integration and Release Engineers
  • Test Development, Manual QA and QA Automation Engineers
  • UI Designers
  • Technical Writers
  • Support Personnel
  • IT Personnel

Kanda engineering talent at a glance:

  • At a minimum Bachelor of Science from top technical universities
  • 80% with MS degree in Computer Science or related areas
  • Quality Assurance staff has on average 3+ years of hands-on experience performing UI, functional, unit, migration, performance and stress testing.


ISV And SAAS Custom Software Development – Modular delivery “We are there only when you want us”

Kanda will help you make your SaaS solution or Web application stand out in the market bringing a broad range of technical expertise paired with an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction to the table. Our competency in development of Web Applications and SaaS solutions is second to none.

We have started on the Web over fifteen years ago with the very first production Web Application by DnB: MDDI and have developed hundreds of web solutions since then. US PTO Patents Search Web interface and underlying technology that were developed by Kanda, had been recognized by the Smithsonian as a game-changing application half a dozen years hence and is still active on the US PTO site. Long before the appearance of Google, Kanda had developed a Web crawler and a relevance-ranking engine for Northern Lights.
We remain the leader in SaaS development helping companies from Lionbrdge to Millenial Media to deliver their state-of-the-art offerings online and in the cloud.

Software Development Services for Startups – hit the ground running out of the gate

At Kanda, we are honored that many of the ambitious startups come to us for assistance in hitting the market rapidly and with the best product possible.
We love new challenges and the satisfaction of seeing a new product succeed with our help. Kanda works with startups at just about every stage of growth and funding. We have thorough understanding of how critical they milestones are yet how important it is to stay flexible when creating something that has never been done before.
Be it Worthworm with a disruptive idea in the financial valuation real options arena or Ramp making the difference in how videos are managed Kanda is there to speed up time to market and ensure the quality of the results.
Our specially designed Software for Startups practice is tailored to meet the technology, management and financial needs that are typically very different for a startup then at a more mature company.

Digital Health and mHealth Development – helping you disrupt the long-overdue behemoth

Kanda is a trusted technology partner helping Healthcare companies meet regulatory and development challenges efficiently and effectively. We possess Digital Health and mHealth experience and extensive knowledge in HIPAA compliance, development standards and protocols, such as HL7, and security required to build high-quality solutions tailored to business needs of our healthcare clients.

Big Data, Data Warehousing, BI – do you know what you don’t know?

Boost organizational productivity and increase competitive edge with Kanda Big Data Solutions. Kanda’s primary strength is our ability to utilize open source technology stack to rapidly stand-up a Big Data Analytics Environment for prototyping and then to reliably scale it up for production level queries.  Kanda’s competency is derived from years of experience in intelligently implementing ETL processes and designing and deploying data warehouses.  That experience coupled with expertise in Hadoop stack and other tools have enabled us to effectively accommodate our clients’ needs for development of robust Big Data environments.

Mobile Apps or Responsive Sites – you choose what works best for your market approach

Kanda constantly pushes boundaries of what’s possible on mobile. With expertise in architecting and developing Native, web-based and hybrid apps on Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms we transform clients’ ideas into a beautifully designed, user friendly and engaging mobile solutions of a superior quality.
Being University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) development partner we have designed and developed several award winning mHealth applications, including Rescufy, mobile application aimed to simplify the standard anaphylaxis action plan for people with various allergies. 
In our quest for staying ahead of the technology curve Kanda has tapped into IoT with its ASmarterWatch family of applications for Android Wear, Apple Watch and Samsung Tizen.

Front End Development – make your user interface smarter, cleaner, faster

With award winning UI and UX projects up our sleeve we blend together the skill and expertise to create beautiful, functional and user-focused web and mobile designs. We let the purpose of the particular web or mobile application drive its design and user experience. High user adoption rates are the top priority for us. Kanda has optimized Front End Development and UX methodology to provide a well-balanced mix of control, visibility and flexibility. Our goal is to enable our clients to establish long-term relationships with their customers and other stakeholders by effectively increasing conversion rates, providing comprehensive navigation and predicting how clients will interact with the product or service.

Stand-alone or Integrated QA – From Server to client to mobile app – From manual to automated.

Just like all Kanda services, Quality Assurance is flexible. We scale up when you need us before launch, and scale down when the project is in the maintenance phase. Kanda’s QA will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies early in the development cycle, thus minimizing the expense of fixing and contributing to the overall application quality. Our skill in building effective cooperation between QA engineers, development team and the client, and expertise in building and executing detailed, exhaustive, and realistic test plans allows achieving high user acceptance rates and ensures that testing is done rapidly and thoroughly.



  • We recruit and retain exceptional engineering talent and keep training them.
    80% of Kanda’s developers and over 50% or QA staff hold MS degree in Computer Science or related fields. We have developed and perfected recruitment, hiring, training, and retention practices that allow us to bring on the best and the brightest technical personnel and empower them with rigorous agile engineering processes – which together constitute the greatest differentiator of our services in the marketplace.
  • Breadth of technical expertise rare for a mid-sized software development partner. Kanda has several hundred engineers well versed in different combinations of C++, Java, C#, RoR, Objective C, JavaScript and other languages with experience in multitude of underlying platforms, IDEs, APIs, databases and frameworks.
  • Integrated Quality Assurance – Manual and Automated


  • We assemble a dedicated team ready to engage faster than hiring locally. We are able to quickly scale up or downsize according to client’s needs
  • Ingrained Agile Development Methodology.
  • Kanda has been actively using Agile Methodology since 2007. Our first agile team was trained in Amsterdam as there was no agile training available locally at that time. Currently over 70% of Kanda’s projects utilize Agile or near-Agile development.
  • Tight integration with the Client’s team and processes


  • Thorough protection of client’s IP
  • Kanda has worked on various enterprise-class applications that require strict security protocols. Security is assured at several levels, including authentication and authorization capabilities, communication and data security.
  • Internal training and regular audits
  • Spotless record for 20 years
  • We have experienced zero security-related breaches or complaints in company’s history


Companies can benefit greatly from outsourcing their development processes when done correctly. Many clients have come to Kanda after loosing both time and money while outsourcing with the other provider. They have been working with us ever since.

There’re several reasons offshore projects fails and that’s s what we do differently:

  • Client is not ready to work with the remote team

    Solution: Kanda teams are trained to adapt to client’s practices. We have knowledgeable and experienced Project Managers and Business Analysts, and have perfected methods of co-work implementation – moving forward without exerting extra workload on the client’s team

  • Poor Communications

    Solution: Kanda commits to effective communication at all levels of the partnering organizations. Regular Executive Briefings with project stakeholders are run by Kanda’s CEO and VP of Delivery. This approach ensures that issues are discovered early and resolved quickly

  • Incomplete or Changing Requirements

    Solution:Agile-based approach is well suited to effectively deal with fluid requirements. Kanda has rigorous internal processes that constructively mesh with the client’s practices in order to rapidly meet market needs

  • Execution Quality

    Solution: We thoroughly pick the team according to the required skillset and experience. Following our best practices we manage the team to ensure the quality of execution always meets or exceeds clients’ expectations

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