Custom Software Development

The right people and the right process to get the job done!

For companies whose primary business depends on the quality of their software and information, Kanda is a premier Custom Software Development Company that provides software development and quality assurance services that solve crucial issues in Product Quality and Rapid Time to Market.

custom software development testimonialsKanda Software sustains a price/performance advantage for the software development lifecycle of our customers’ products. Over the last 20 years, it has been retained as a Custom Software Development and Quality Assurance company by many leading product and services vendors. Fast Search (Microsoft), Rational Software (IBM), Siemens (Bayer Hospital Devices), Partners Healthcare, Lionbridge, D&B, The Nation Magazine, Association for Computing Machinery, Nuance and PTC as well as smaller companies and startups such as RallyPoint, Worthworm, Sermo, DocuTemp, Security Innovation, and CoreStreet all entrusted us with agile custom software development of their state-of-the-art initiatives.

By combining a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, Kanda Software has become an authoritative option for companies looking for offshore software development services, including supplementing in-house resources in the delivery of discrete project components, integration of the latest technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex interactive and multimedia environments, and first-of-a-kind, start-to-finish development efforts.

We have perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your custom software development, maintenance and quality assurance processes at the right time, using the right resources.

Our lengthy and extensive track record has equipped us
with the ability to provide quick, cost-effective solutions
that blend seamlessly with your core products
or services.

Custom Software Development Teams:

Custom Software Nuance team

Nuance team in Minsk

Our dedicated software development teams are experienced in managing both complex and small-scale projects, producing results within tight deadlines with a focus on high quality and brand consistency.
The people within Kanda’s custom software development teams are professional, friendly and approachable individuals, who provide a consistent and excellent service daily to clients across the globe.

Our software development engineers are highly skilled, trained and educated: 80% have an MS or equivalent. We strongly believe that recruiting top talent is the key to impeccable implementation of projects as well as customer satisfaction with the results. Thus, we recruit from top universities and maintain relationships with key professors to make sure we get the best of the best. We keep that talent motivated with interesting work, good pay, continual education and career development.
Not surprisingly, we have a turnover rate of less than 5% – even in this highly competitive marketplace.

Recruiting Process:

As a Software Development Company, Kanda recruits engineers that are are profound in many technical areas.
Check out more detailed technology expertise here.

Application Security and IP Protection:

Kanda has developed various enterprise-class applications that require strict security protocols. Security is assured at several levels, including authentication and authorization capabilities, communication and data security. Security risk is mitigated by an established application and Data Access Control policy:

  • All employees are under NDA and undergo security training
  • Access to the infrastructure is strictly governed by the role of the person
  • No people outside of the core development team have access to production servers
  • Access to the application is by invitation of the customer, with appropriate permissions, and only for Support purposes

As a result of our strict security policies we have experienced zero security-related breaches or complaints in our 17-year history.

Kanda US and offshore personnel are trained extensively in security, including conducting stand-alone security audits for some of our clients. Furthermore we have established a relationship with Security Innovation, one of the premier providers of software security audits, who work with us in circumstances where the client needed the security audit must be provided by an independent entity.
Client applications are written utilizing secure coding practices, as well as secure architecture principles, such as principle of least privilege, of fail-safe, of economy of mechanism, of complete mediation, of open design, of separation of privilege, etc. The code is audited in house for SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. Input is normally taint-checked by the application before being processed.
Kanda works with companies and on enterprise-class applications that have stringent confidentiality and security requirements.
Code access, confidential data protection, application security, and other security-related concerns are of paramount importance to Kanda and our partners. These are especially critical for government, defense, and HIPAA-covered entities among our partners.
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Service Models:

Kanda Software offers 4 service models of offshore software development services for maximum flexibility. You can use our software development services to:

  1. Deliver complete turnkey specification and development of an application based on your business requirements.
  2. Develop an application from specifications you provide.
  3. Develop specific modules of your software product.
  4. Augment your programming and QA talent.

In other words, we provide precisely as much or as little support as you need. The one thing we do not do is operating your IT function on an on-going basis. Instead, we work with you to overcome a particular business challenge in a way that satisfies your need for speed, cost effectiveness, and high quality.

By leveraging a highly efficient 2-Shore Custom Software Development and QA Methodology Kanda offers price/performance advantage

The US-based business analysis, architecture, and project management can be used to the degree desired by the client in tandem with Kanda’s technical organization in Russia and Belarus to optimize resource allocation and sustain price and performance advantage over the software development lifecycle of the customer’s applications.

Client Spotlight:

The RallyPoint founders – two former US Army officers and graduates of Harvard Business School have approached Kanda after spending six months with a different services provider and having seen no tangible results there.
Kanda has done the Technical Architecture, UX Design, Development, QA and Deployment for RallyPoint. Five months after commencement RallyPoint was open to invitation-only beta and a month after that it has gone live generating coverage in Forbes, Time, NPR, Washington Post and other national media.RallyPoint won the $100,000 Diamond Award in the prestigious 2012 Mass Challenge Startup Competition. it has recently raised $5M in Series A funds.
Nuance has acquired Vlingo in 2012 shortly after Kanda started working on Vlingo’s mobile platform. Nuance has since expanded Kanda’s role to include design and development of Browser-based tools for Linguistic Processing as well as special-purpose tools for Automated Mobile App Regression Testing.Nuance has grown their dedicated Kanda’s team from 6 to 30 people since they have started working with us.
Kanda has been a trusted development and QA partner to Lionbridge Software Products division since 2008
When a strategic initiative at Lionbridge required extremely rapid out-of-the-gate progress in May of 2010, Kanda had a team up and running on June 1st and demos were shown to prospects as early as August
Cisco, Intel, and Symantec were the first three GeoFluent beta clients.