Evermatch for iPhone and iPad

Evermatch memory game for iPhone and iPad


Evermatch memory game for iPhone and iPad

Evermatch, a free game for your iPhone and iPad, is a fun and challenging game that can improve your memory. It’s a modern version of the age-old game of concentration but with a personal twist: Evermatch uses the notes from your Evernote account or a built-in set of notes.

  • Every note is duplicated and hidden under a virtual sticky note.
  • Tap on any note to turn it over, then use your memory to tap on a matching note.
  • Match all of the pairs before time runs out or the allotted number of tries is exceeded and you win!

After you install the free Evermatch app from iTunes, you can adjust the difficulty level and matching criteria. For example:

  • Make notes switch places once in a while to sharpen your visual memory.
  • Have the game choose notes randomly, or use just older or only more recent notes.
  • For an even bigger challenge, instead of matching exact notes, try matching notes that were created during the same week or month.


With Evermatch, improve your memory, play a challenging game, and have fun … all at the same time!

Stretch your memory. Evermatch by Kanda Software.