KanMeet for Chrome

Synchronize your Google Calendar Events with Evernote. Automatically.


Our FREE and simple tool is designed to quickly and easily save and synchronize your Google calendar with your Evernote account.

If you use Google Chrome and Evernote, simply download our extension and login to your Evernote account. You can select the notebook to send the event to and choose whether events are sent to Evernote by default.

Whenever you Create or Edit an event in your Google Calendar, you will see a “Post to Evernote” checkbox on the page. If the box is checked, the event’s content is sent to your account as soon as you click on “Create Event” or “Save”.

Of course you can edit the event-note during or after the actual event to include remarks, impressions, and follow-up items from the event.

Make every event note-able with Kandasoft’s KanMeet.