Memory Lane Mac App for Evernote

Walk down the MemoryLane™ to Remember Everything™.


Free Mac OS 10.7 (OSX Lion) App from Kanda Helps Evernote Users Remember Everything™ in a Fun and Entertaining Way.

Refresh and reinforce your recollection with Memory Lane™ and memories you saved in Evernote®.

Memory Lane™ is a free desktop app for Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) that syncs with your Evernote® notebooks to remind you of things you might not even remember forgetting Memory Lane™ is an app that connects to your personal Evernote account, as well as third party notebooks and creates an entertaining virtual tour of the notes you choose, presenting them as posters on a wall that you scan as you “walk” by. Memory Lane™ artfully presents your up-to-date content in three modes: interactive (in a resizable window), as animated wallpaper, or as a screen ver.

Evernote™, used by millions worldwide, is designed to help its users remember anything and everything that happens in their lives. Imagine the possibility of re-reading a piece of poetry you once saved in Evernote™ but later forgot, or seeing again that picture you took on your first vacation, or the outline to the great novel you were going to write three years ago, or the shopping list of things you were supposed to pick up on the way home.

When you come by a particularly interesting note, you can pause, rewind, or open and edit it in Evernote®.

MemoryLane allows you to:

  • Evernote® notebooks
  • Sort or shuffle your notes
  • Pick a background
  • Adjust scrolling speed

Use Memory Lane™ as your Mac’s Wallpaper, play with its Interactive mode, or use it as your Screensaver to enjoy your memories when you are not working.

Memory Lane works with Mac 10.7 (OSX Lion). The app can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.