Mobilecast for MS PowerPoint

Simply PowerPoint and Click to Send Slides to Mobiles and Evernote DOWNLOAD NOW

Install this easy to use plugin so you can

instantly broadcast your PowerPoint slides to iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerries and Windows Phone 7s… plus send slides to your Evernote notebook!

It’s simple to use. One button to send a slide to your colleagues. One button to send it to your Evernote notebook. Third button enables the Slideshow Mode – as you advance through a slideshow each slide is automatically sent to your colleague’s devices. Think of it as using a slide-projector that sends the presentation to all of the mobile devices simultaneously.

To send files install the free Kanda’s PowerPoint plugin on your Windows computer and register online. Now you are ready to broadcast slides.

To receive and view slides on mobile devices you and your colleagues need to install the Mobile App from the appropriate App Store.

We’ve designed the platform with flexibility in mind. You get to define your own workgroup to control who is entitled to see your slides. Or use Kanda’s open environment. Both the platform and the PowerPoint plugin are FREE.

Don’t let your best ideas get lost in large presentations and buried in e-mail attachments. Mobilecast them today and get the attention you deserve.