Custom Solutions for Information Publishers

testimon_kandaSelling content and intellectual property online has become an imperative business model for book and periodical publishers, database and archive aggregators, directories and multi-media providers.

Business models for information publishers are varied, with new ones being added all the time. Current models include special-purpose service advice and subscriptions, pay-per-view, consortia, openURL, standardized access, concurrency control, download limits, digital rights management, Web services, SOA, back-end integration, cross-sell and up-sell, RSS, targeted search and navigation, search engine optimization and advertising, in addition to secondary delivery channels such as voice and handheld devices.

The advent of Kindle, iPhone and iPad has made it an even more exciting and challenging marketplace.

Each of the information publisher business models may require development of a specialized Information Commerce system.
Kanda Software has the experience to help information publishers and related companies sort through the technical and business issues.
Kanda has built systems that meet the most stringent content delivery requirements.
Kanda information commerce systems may also include email publishing, on-demand printing, streaming, edge distribution via Akamai, and interactive content in Flash and other media.

Industry Experience:


  • Created a Business Intelligence Distribution system that grew from $10M to more than $100M in revenue in three years.
  • Created ecommerce archives for many leading periodical publications and syndications. Thousands of universities, tens of thousands of schools, and hundreds of thousands of individuals subscribe to Kanda-enabled information products, generating millions of dollars of annual revenue to the content providers. Content sites include: Commentary, The Nation, AJC, NACLA, and EthnicNewswatch (ProQuest).
  • Developed a hybrid on-line/off-line reference materials distribution system for a large book publisher.
  • Created a leading knowledge base for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Working with the U.S. Army, Kanda developed a system for sharing highly sensitive information related to armaments and armament procurement among the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force for collection, analysis and update

Client Spotlight:

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt embraced the digital age and chose Kanda Software to assist with electronically enhancing its publications. HMH, one of the world’s largest publishers of educational materials, is planning to double annual revenue that comes from digital sales next year.
Digital transformation will add e-commerce capabilities for textbooks and other educational content through HMH’s new website.