PLM and E-Discovery

Engineering and manufacturing lifecycles are complicated processes that both generate and require a great deal of information. Harnessing that information – and being able to easily reuse and reapply it – squeezes additional value from a company’s intellectual property.

Kanda has deep experience with creating software to support product lifecycle management throughout the manufacturing process – from drawings to manufacturing to sales to service to warranty support, upgrades and end-of-life or sunsets.


Kanda’s product information lifecycle management (PILM) practice comes from deep experience with CAD/CAM, engineering processes, PLM processes and products, enterprise content management (ECM) and search, knowledge management, workflow management and other areas of engineering and manufacturing. By integrating discrete systems and building a uniform, role-based portal-like interface, Kanda enables disparate departments to understand, track, communicate and collaborate more effectively. These improvements save time and money while also reducing costly outages and failures throughout the lifecycle.

Kanda’s Projects:
  • Creation of overall product development flow schema including deployment and maintenance phases for hardware development project in a high-pressure, time-sensitive, mission critical government bidding environment.
  • Creation of integrated system for information associated with manufacturing of the devices, including manuals and procedures for multi-device installation and configuration in large hospital environments. Quality requirements were even more rigorous than usual, since system had to conform to FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 Rule on electronic records.