Enterprise Knowledge Management

Information is the product of the enterprise – terabytes and terabytes of it. Protecting that information – while ensuring secure, managed access – is mission critical for every company.

Of the many off the shelf products in the document management, content management, enterprise content management and digital asset management spaces, Kanda has expertise with many of the best-of-breed products that meet the needs of the typical enterprise.

Kanda begins with each one’s out of the box capabilities and then customizes to meet the specific requirements of the client.

Let Kanda Software help you leverage your institutional knowledge for the profit of your business.

Expert and Expertise Location

The cost and maintenance requirements of a full-scale KM deployment may put such a system out of the reach of some organizations. But that doesn’t mean institutional knowledge can’t and shouldn’t be leveraged.

For these organizations, Kanda Software offers a rapid-deployment solution that effectively enables knowledge holders and vital information to be located by those in need of it.

Kanda’s Expert and Expertise Location solution enables knowledge workers to quickly and easily find answers to vital business-related questions. The solution integrates existing silos of information into a virtual repository that can be queried and mind via custom search and navigation techniques developed for your business.

The result is that your company’s intellectual property is unlocked and can be leveraged more effectively by more people – increasing your company’s competitive edge and giving knowledge workers something all to rare: actual knowledge.

Enterprise Content and Document Management

No matter what industry you’re in, if yours is like most organizations, chances are you’re in the document production business. Like it or not, the main activity of most individuals in any given company is the production of documents.

So what do you do with all that stuff? How do you organize all those documents and make sure their value is made available to the right people throughout the enterprise?

Do you need document management? Or content management – or maybe enterprise content management? Perhaps digital asset management?

Thousands of vendors have sprung up offering solutions in all these areas – who can keep track of what’s what?

Fortunately, Kanda Software can. Our approach in content and document management is to remain solution agnostic: We work with a number of best-of-breed vendors and select the solution that’s right given the client’s unique requirements and circumstances.

Which means your solution probably won’t be the same as the one we deploy for the company down the street – which makes sense, because your business isn’t the same as theirs.

Ontology and Taxonomy Definition and Deployment

With so much information available – so many types and quantities, with the numbers ever increasing – the organization of that information becomes critical to your business’s ability to make it accessible and useful.

Helping your company establish that system of classification and organization – the “ontology” – has become a mini-expertise of Kanda Software.

Now, you might question why a bunch of programmers (albeit very bright programmers) have any insight into your company’s intellectual property and the proper arrangement thereof. The answer is that we don’t inherently know the answers but from decades of experience, what questions to ask. It’s a matter of understanding the full scope of content, domains of knowledge and interrelationships among sets of information – and then building a system to present this information and enable access.

So as you’re thinking about enterprise knowledge management, remember that Kanda Software is ready not only to design and program the system but to architect the raw information as well.

Multifaceted Navigation

Sometimes knowledge is sloppy. It doesn’t fit an obvious taxonomic ordering – or perhaps it fits many possible ontologies.

In situations like this, Kanda Software deploys multifaceted navigational systems – in essence, an organizational construct that allows users to explore in multiple nonlinear ways and access information in ways that make sense to them. The idea is to allow users to think and work their way, rather than impose an order on them.

No matter how amorphous and open-ended your information structures may be, Kanda Software stands ready to help you make them available to your users.

Enterprise Search for Vertical Markets

Your enterprise is a repository of valuable information – actually, many repositories, vertical silos of valuable intellectual property representing the crown jewels of your business.

And throughout your company, workers need to find that information and leverage it. That, in essence, is what you do, no matter what industry you’re in.

But enterprise search is not the same as web search – information can’t simply be served up by popularity, the way Google ranks results.

That’s why Kanda Software has developed Vertical Enterprise Search Solutions. By taking best-of-breed search platforms from leading vendors and custom-wrapping them with our own proprietary functions and algorithms, we provide optimized search functionality for your vertical market, be it manufacturing, publishing, travel or any other industry.

Information is the product of the enterprise. With Kanda Enterprise Vertical Search, that information is elevated into knowledge.