Enterprise Search

Valuable information is distributed throughout your enterprise in multiple functional silos in a wide array of file types. Kanda’s enterprise search solutions are the best way to make sure that information is available to everyone in your organization who can leverage it for the benefit of your company.

No matter what format they’re in – MS Office, database, CMS or specialty files – e.g., CAD, CAM or accounting. Intranet, extranet or external feed.
Searching the enterprise has different challenges from searching the web. Results can’t rely simply on link popularity, the basis for Google results. That’s why Kanda has developed vertical enterprise search solutions. These best-of-breed solutions enhance the capabilities of standard search with built-in taxonomies and other analytical support to get people rapid answers to all their questions. This text-oriented approach is far superior to a database-driven one since an ad hoc SQL report can cover the range of questions people ask.

Kanda has worked with and accumulated expertise in leading commercial and open-source search engines including Autonomy, Endeca, Fast (Microsoft), Lucene, MarkLogic, and Verity (Autonomy).

Kanda has extensive experience in vertical search. For example our expertise in manufacturing sector data types results from a multi-year relationship with the leading CAD/CAM product developer. Kanda is adept at creating and integrating targeted solutions for manufacturers that take into account specific repositories and data types (e.g., CAD/CAM, PLM, bills of materials, complex manuals, warranties and services contracts).

Kanda’s proprietary search-oriented code and methodology ensure delivery of an enterprise search solution that far exceeds the capabilities of off-the-shelf software at a price point below that of a “from scratch” solution.