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BI Business Intelligence ETL, Data Warehouse, Analytics Custom Development.
MS PerformancePoint, MS SharePoint, Big Data

Kanda empowers better BI – BI empowers better decisions

For over twenty years Kanda has been helping companies create customized data solutions to improve their business. Technologies have evolved, and Kanda has remained on the cutting edge of creating and using advanced Business Intelligence solutions.

We work with established BI technology platforms like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP, and also with the up-and-coming Cloud BI vendors such as Good Data.


We have dozens of talented data architects, experienced analysts, and exceptional engineers trained in the Microsoft BI stack including PerformancePoint Server, Sharepoint Server and related technologies.

Our Business Intelligence (BI) practice has been growing stronger every year and was recognized by Forrester Research. Kanda was included in Forrester’s short list of Business Intelligence (BI) service providers. Kanda is short-listed as a vendor of choice particularly for those searching for Microsoft-based and Oracle BI services in North America.

The, “BI Service Provider Short-Listing Tool,” is a Microsoft Excel-based tool and can be found and purchased on the Forrester website.

Kanda has developed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions with clients including: Dun & Bradstreet, Mitchell 1, Lionbridge, Cognos,
and others.


    Kanda’s Business Intelligence (BI) services include:

  • Data Integration and Management
  • ETL including multi-source complex transformation
  • Data filtering and cleansing including manual and semiautomated processing
  • Business Forecasting for Finances and Operations
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Mobile Business Analytics Solutions (iPad, Android)
  • Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Business Activity Monitoring and Reporting
  • Business Analytics Dashboards


Making informed business decisions utilizing reliable Data Warehouse and powerful Business Intelligence tools is the key to any company’s success.
At Kanda, we have the experience, the team, and the proven results to help you develop the right Business Intelligence stack – from ETL to Data Warehouse to Cubes and Analytics.


Client Spotlight:
For a leading provider of car repair information Kanda created a data warehouse of historic car repair statistics broken down by multiple dimensions such as make and model, type of repair, geography, and many others. The data warehouse and associated Kanda-developed analytics allowed the company to run retrospective analysis, predictive modelling, and sell targeted data slices and reports to parts manufacturers and other interested parties. To assure timeliness and reliability of the information Kanda wrote both the ETL processes from diverse underlying database and automated filters as well as data cleansing workbench.Key technologies used in Mitchell 1 project: MS SQL Server Analysis Services cubes.


For Cognos (IBM) Kanda created a multi-dimensional cube combining Cognos’s own internal sales data with D&B’s in-depth corporate information. Utilizing multi-dimensional analysis Cognos marketing and sales professionals were able to pose ad-hoc what-if queries that allowed them to discover potential new market niches and plan marketing and sales initiatives. For example the system could identify that Cognos sold to mid-sized financial institutions in one state and then help them identify another state with a large number of similar institutions that therefore warranted additional marketing spending. The same data warehouse was also utilized for quarterly sales projections all the way down to individual prospect identification.