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Team Augmentation

trust Kanda to find the resources that fit the bill without stretching your budget

Kanda has refined the art of supplying our clients with highly skilled resources at irresistible rates. A
Kanda resource costs less than half the rate of the full-time employee. Or one-quarter the cost of
bringing a temporary engineer on board locally. And it gets even more appealing when you take into
consideration the time and effort necessary to add a highly qualified member to your team.

At Kanda we can supply an excellent and experienced developer or QA engineer to you within days of
your request instead of the weeks it could take you to find one locally.

We’re talking about top-tier programmers with in-depth experience in .NET, J2EE, PHP, RoR, SQL
Server, Oracle, Mobile environments, QA tools, and various other skills and technology stacks.
Software developers– all longtime Kanda associates – are continually improving their skills
and capabilities, for the benefit of your team.

When you need to augment your team – either offsite or onsite – trust Kanda to find the resources that fit the bill without
stretching your budget.

Kanda dedicated development teams can work on their own or augment your existing engineering teams. Kanda teams
can be integrated closely into the organization and work as a part of the client’s team onsite, or work independently. Our
experienced software developers provide valuable strategic perspective on architecting your product or service, efficient
implementation practices and help maximize ROI.

Benefits of Team Augmentation

Kanda’s software development engineers are highly skilled, trained and educated. 80% have a Master of Science degree
or equivalent. We strongly believe that recruiting top talent is the key to impeccable implementation of projects as well
as customer satisfaction with the results. Thus, we recruit from top universities and maintain relationships with key
professors to make sure we get the best of the best. Our talent has hands-on experience with complex and small-scale
projects and produces results within tight deadlines focusing on results and consistency.


Searching for a skilled developer can take months. At Kanda we can provide you with the talent in the matter of weeks. We can seamlessly ramp up our development team when the project requires and scale down when the resources are not needed anymore.


We provide software developers of the skill level that your project requires. Most of our development teams have more than 20 years of experience working with a wide range of technologies and platforms. We take pride in the quality of work Kanda teams provide to the clients.


Our resources are affordable and can help improve ROI of your projects.

Recruitment Methodology

We are committed to hiring, training and retaining the best talent. Our
hiring practices and project deployment tools are guided by the need to
establish and maintain the best technical teams in a highly competitive
environment where excellent people are in a very high demand yet are
imperative for a successful services company with Kanda’s aspirations.

  • In-house recruiting service; collaboration with independent recruiting
  • Collaboration with the best local technical universities and directly
    with professors
  • Multi-hour technical interviews intensely checking particular skills
    and ability to solve increasingly complex problems
  • Typically a 3-month trial period at the end of which the employment
    may not be extended
  • A system of bonuses for in-house recommendations. Intensive training
    and qualification program is in place as Kanda Knowledge Center.
    Both new and long-term employees participate
  • Resource scheduling system. Resources are preliminarily planned for
    projects at the project opportunity phase. The level of their
    probability for a specific project depends on required skill set and
    experience, lead times, and other factors derived from years of
Recruitment Methodology

Client Testimonials


Yinon Weiss,
Co- Founder of RallyPoint

As far as Kate, I would say she is the most productive developer I have worked with so far. I say this from a product
perspective, in that if there is a significant new feature that needed to be added, I would have the highest level of
confidence that she would be the fastest to complete it and in the most comprehensive way. Her work is always
excellent, and I am not necessarily an easy person to please. She also has an excellent commitment to the project. She
emphasizes getting tasks and projects done to quality, and appears less focused on the time. This allows her to stay
working late, or come in early, or work on the weekend if she needs to. It gives us confidence that the task will always get
done, and get done well.


Nuance Cambridge team

Kanda team is professional and courteous. They are respectful of others and work well as a team (including working
with Cambridge developers and QA). They have good leadership – technically strong. Ask questions that are relevant.
Reach out to help when necessary and always provide proposed solutions to issues. Willing to compromise. Come up
with thoughtful, elegant solutions to difficult problems.


Goran Skorput,
CIO VoteTru

I would like to take this opportunity to say a couple of things about Anastasiya, a BA in Minsk. I am more than happy with
her work and feel that she is a real star and a great asset for both, Kanda and VoteTru. We spent about 1 month working
together and the collaboration was just splendid. She is more than capable to make correct decisions on her own, is
brave to challenge me when necessary, her English is great and her overall communication and written skills are
excellent. Thanks for assigning her to my team. I feel lucky!