Technology Platforms

At Kanda, we know we’re here to support our clients – and that means being ready to work in a number of technologies and platforms, including:

Java is a central component in today’s highly-engineered web sites and environments. Kanda has successfully developed dozens of Java-based applications. Read More
We’re experts at .NET, and we better be: about 40% of our development work is .NET applications. Kanda clients have successfully deployed well over a hundred major .NET applications. Read More
microsoft sharepoint development services
SharePoint deployments and customizations have become a major Kanda point of strength over the last two years. We’ve built a team of more than 50 experienced SharePoint developers, backed by more than a hundred additional developers with relevant Microsoft certifications. Read More
ruby on rails outsourced software development
Kanda’s highly trained and highly skilled programmers are equally adept at legacy languages like C and C++ as they are in rapid targeted development environments such as PHP and Python. Kanda supports a large set of C/C++ applications – some legacy and others that are so computer-bound that rewriting them in anything else would be highly detrimental to their performance. Read More
outsourced saas and cloud development services
When most companies were still trying to figure out what software-as-a-service (Saas) and cloud-based software development was, we were already doing it. We implemented solutions since the beginning, and have now helped companies host and serve their clients from the cloud. Read More


outsourced iOS development services
With dozens of iOS apps under our belts, our iPhone and iPad skills are top shelf. One of the apps we created, “Personal Sommelier,” for Uptown Network, is downloaded over 30,000 times per week! Read More
outsourced blackberry development services
Our business to business customers have relied on BlackBerry for years, and we have worked hard to keep our BlackBerry software development skills sharp. With the newest release of Blackberry 10, we will build upon our deep experience developing BlackBerry mobile/wireless applications. Read More
outsourced android development services
Android development has skyrocketed over the past three years, and we have been developing innovative solutions for Android since the beginning. In addition to dozens of Android-based development projects for our clients, we have also built apps like, Stringnote, to help all Android users get the most out of their smart phones. Read More
outsourced windows mobile phone software development
Some of our earliest mobile applications were written to run on Microsoft mobile devices. As the platform has matured, we’ve kept up with it — having created apps for both business and pleasure for the Windows platform. Read More

We have built proficient and scalable teams in all major and many up-and-coming technologies. We continually evaluate new technical advances and when we believe they have potential we train several core developers in it. As the platform grows in popularity we add more people to the team and build a client project portfolio in it.

We’re rigid about our demand for flexibility.


  • We’re flexible about what programming language to use. We believe the programmer is more important than the program – in fact, every one of our hires undergoes a rigorous three month trial period before being officially invited on staff.
  • We’re flexible about methodologies. We’ll employ the best one for the particular project.
  • We’re flexible about where we work. You want us on site with you, we’re there. You want to save on travel costs, we’ll stay where we are.

How do we do it? Two secrets: Hire great people and create an environment where they want to stay.

Great people matter because even though technologies are always changing, the best developers can work in many different programming environments. And those developers keep up on technological change – that’s part of why they’re great to begin with.

By keeping together a tight team of top developers, Kanda is able to provide that most coveted technological commodity: Exactly what our clients need.