Ruby On Rails (RoR) Development


Open-source web application framework for the Ruby programming language that is taking the development world by storm. Its compactness, rich framework capabilities, and built-in test automation combine to make it an excellent environment for complex Web and SaaS applications that need to hit the market quickly and keep on running fast. It is particularly well-suited for Agile rapid development methodology.

Ruby on Rails programming language is perfectly suited for Web application and Software-as-a-Service development.


It is compact, has extensive framework capabilities and built-in test automation tools. Ruby on Rails is well aligned with agile rapid development methodology and can help deliver application that enter the market quickly and have fast performance.

Kanda development teams have been practicing Agile methodology since 2007 and delivering high performance, cost-efficient and bug-free Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications and cloud solutions to our clients.

ruby on rails software development

Ruby On Rails (RoR) Expertise:

  • Languages: Ruby 1.8.5+,1.9+; JavaScript;
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails 1+, 2+, 3+
  • Libraries: jQuery, Prototype
  • Testing: TestUnit, RSpec, Cucumber, rcov
  • Tools: Capistrano, Passenger
  • Open source solutions: Fat Free CRM, Spree E-Commerce, Community Engine, Refinery CMS
  • Operating systems: Linux and Windows


As one of our RoR clients put it,
“When all the code is written and debugged there is about half as many lines of code and a quarter as many bugs in RoR as in equivalent Java implementation”
We use RoR in more and more SaaS projects and its popularity in general and within Kanda is growing rapidly.

ruby on rails development

Recent Projects

Fully functional application,
fast time-to-market

Recently a startup with a group-buying-power business model needed to get to market rapidly in order to seize an opportunity. Using Ruby on Rails(RoR) and Agile development, Kanda was able to deploy a first release of the application in under a month.
Traditional programming methodologies and platforms would have taken months for backend ecommerce integration. With RoR, Kanda was able to deploy a commercial-strength application in the highly compressed timeframe one would normally expect for a proof of concept.

Kanda Software has more than 50 senior developers and software architects highly skilled in Ruby On Rails Development. Like all Kanda development personnel, 70% of these developers hold a masters in computer science or the equivalent. Backing up these developers is a QA department over 100 engineers strong and well versed in manual and automated testing. Ruby on Rails architects, developers and QA engineers take a collaborative approach to their work – no “throwing the specs over the wall” for the next guy to work on.
Another secret of Kanda’s success is our extremely low turnover rate – as low as 3% a year, virtually unheard of in our industry. With such stability, your Ruby on Rails Development team remains consistent however long your project – or projects – continue.

Client Spotlight:
Rallypoint, or LinkedIn for the military, as press calls it, is largest professional community for current and former US military members.
Combining Agile methodology with Ruby on Rails as a back-end development language, Kanda team was able to deliver bug-free solution with relatively low costs and within a short period of time.