SaaS, Cloud Software Development

For a bunch of nerds, we're pretty SaaS-y..

saasIncreasingly, Kanda customers are embracing the Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. This approach – also known as cloud development – allows our customers to focus on their core business and enjoy a steady revenue stream while making continual improvements to their offerings without the hassle of version upgrades and distribution. SaaS is a model that simply makes sense for companies that don’t want the distraction and personnel drain of managing software.

Kanda was assisting software vendors with SaaS development before it was even called SaaS. We worked on several pioneering ASP (Application Service Provider) products including the very first online cooperative marketing modules for ChannelWave that managed multi-tiered marketing expenditures and activities between manufacturers and their distributors.

Successful SaaS development requires you to work with a services provider well versed in both the underlying development technologies as well as the singular challenges of the SaaS model. Kanda offers both kinds of expertise.

We have years of experience and dozens of developers intimately familiar with all major SaaS development platforms – from Java to .NET to Ruby on Rails (RoR). And we’re also highly adept at solving thorny issues unique to SaaS, such as customer data security, subscription and payments, ad integration and scalability, just to name a few.

Kanda’s recent SaaS development successes include:
  • A best-of-breed professional community site.
    Combines the best elements of community interactions with professional networking, education and Q&A interchanges. Site has a multi-tiered revenue model that harnesses a variety of end-user and corporate revenue streams to ensure long-term viability and profitability.
  • An online translator assistance toolkit.
    For translators who want the power of an exceptional translation memory system when they work but don’t want to be locked into a cumbersome Client/Server model this is the ideal environment. Powerful tools allow translators to increase their productivity multi-fold while SaaS delivery provides the flexibility they need to work wherever and however they like.
  • Sustainability software environment.
    This award-winning environmental sustainability SaaS lets large energy users keep track of what they use as well as find mitigations to decrease their overall use and environmental impact. The SaaS model is particularly well-suited for multi-office use by people at different positions in the company located all over the world.

So how does Kanda do this? The answer again is our people.

For our SaaS team we started with the team experienced in underlying technologies such as Java, .NET and RoR. We then trained them in the SaaS-specific development tools, techniques and methodologies. We’ve studied the various cloud architectures from Amazon to Google to Rackspace and a variety of underlying scalability, subscription and payment platforms. We’ve held internal workshops and competitions to come up with the best solutions. And judging by steadily-increasing client interest, our solution is working.