Working with Kanda

World-class Software Development Services and Solutions

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can work with Kanda Software Development and Services Teams

Premier Partnership

  • Allows you to work with the Kanda management, development, and infrastructure teams, as part of your extended enterprise, enabling you to outsource all or major portions of your development projects.
  • Your trained Kanda resources may also be used during critical demand spikes where entire product teams can be assigned to complete a suite of projects and tasks.
  • The Premier Partnership includes a complete development team and a dedicated program manager assigned to your company to ensure project success.
  • Such engagements provide a 35-50% reduction in lifetime costs compared to internal resources.


Fixed Price Project (FPP)

  • Commit Kanda Software to a price and timeframe for project completion based on an agreed Statement of Work (SOW) and detailed project specification.
  • Under the Fixed Price Project, Kanda aligns its resources to get the project done and includes an adjustment protection for up to 15% of the total SOW price based on the specification’s evolution. (This is particularly relevant when customer specifications are not sufficiently elaborate).
  • The Fixed Price Project provides the best price for individual project assignments.


Retainer Based Engagement

  • Provide you with a fixed level of Kanda resources over a defined period of time.
  • These resources fall under a “use it or lose it” rule, although for long-term engagements and if substantial miscalculations of needs occur, Kanda credits part of the unused services towards follow-on projects.
  • Offers optimal benefits for follow-on activities where continuing retention of expertise is important.


Time & Material Engagement (T&M)

  • Provide maximum flexibility for customers and as such are Kanda’s highest priced offerings.
  • Most customers use this software development solution for their short-term, “emergency” development needs.


To learn more about our innovative software development solutions, and our highly competitive pricing models, please email us at or call us at 1-617-340-3850