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Kanda 2012 Development Update

Twelve Thousand Subscribers, Six New Clients, Second Round of
Financing, and a New Ad for Y’All to See

December 2012 Software Development Newsletter

Wrapping up a rewarding year!


Season’s Greetings oh honorable Friend of Kanda,

It seems that Kanda made the, “nice” list in 2012, and we want to share some of the good news and tidings from the last couple of months.We have had one of our best and busiest years ever at Kanda.  Not only have the projects been challenging and rewarding, but we have had the pleasure of working with some smart and talented cilents.Half a dozen of the nice new clients who have chosen to work with us recently, include:

Software, solutions,
services and trading platforms to
institutional and retail brokerage
firms in the foreign exchange, CFD,
commodities, futures and options

incrowdnow.comOn demand market research platform
lets you get real time market feedback
from pre-screened healthcare
professionals. We are replacing old
data with real time data.
Crowdsourcing innovation problems to
the world’s smartest people who
compete to provide ideas and solutions
to important business, social, policy,
scientific, and technical challenges.
https://www.locationinc.comProviding Big Data Analytics with
geographic research and data mining.
Location Inc. specializes in location
analysis, demographic and school data
information products, and
location-based decision-making tools
for businesses and consumers.

PMV Tool helps entrepreneurs and VCs
value the new company’s value. It
provides financial services including
Real Options Valuation (ROV).
The first in a series of
shared-interest and affiliation-based
matchmaking sites for short-term and
long-term room rental and subleases.

Second Round of Financing

Speaking of clients, some of you may recall
that a client of ours, RallyPoint,
received a Diamond Prize in October at the
2012 Mass Challenge. Well, their stocking
has just gotten fuller — having just
released the full version of their
networking solution to military personel AND
just closed their second

round of finanicng.  Kanda
continues to be creating the features and
functions that will make the lives of our
military more jolly! RallyPoint was also
written up in the Boston

Business Journal and Time



12,000 New Users downloaded
and registered for CallnotePremiumover the the past two months.
Our Skype Video Recorder has proven to be very
popular. It started as a small idea, and has
turned into one of the best Skype Video
Recorder plug-ins out there.  Feedback
has been very positive on the new features,

  • Recording audio and video;
  • Recording shared screen and chat from
    your Skype calls;
  • Taking pictures during your Skype
  • Posting and saving directly to YouTube,
    Facebook, Evernote, and Dropbox;
  • Now in English, Español, Français,
    Deutsch, Русский (Russian), and 日本人

And the Ad for you all to see
is our first foray into using live
actors.  We think it came out quite
nice – take a look for yourself and let us
know what you think.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to
talk to you about how we can help on your
next great software project.

We must be doing something right, and look
forward to a festive holiday season and
fruitful new year.  Our best wishes to
you and your families.

Kind regards,


Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda

For more information about Kanda’s software
development services, please visit:
Tel: (617) 340-3850 | Email: [email protected]
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