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Meet Kanda at HIMSS 2020

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    Meet with Kanda experts at HIMSS 2020 to learn how we can help you transform your product roadmap into a HIPAA-compliant, interoperable and secure state-of-the-art solution without draining your budget. We bring the breadth of technical expertise and in-depth understanding of Digital Health ecosystem, reliability and commitment to business agility with seamless team integration and rapid knowledge transfer.

    How Can We Help?

    Within our Digital Health Practice clients can utilize any and all of these service offerings:

    Technology assessment
    Technology assessment and building a product roadmap
    User Interface
    User Interface and User Experience design
    usiness Analysis
    Business Analysis and New Product or Product-Reengineering definition
    Cloud Conversion
    Cloud Conversion and Cloud Engineering
    Technical Architecture
    Technical Architecture development for new products and product re-engineering
    Scaled Agile
    Scaled Agile (Scrum at Large, SAFe, Kanban), or Custom Model Development
    Security Testing
    Security Testing and assessments – Penetration testing, perimeter, crowdsource testing
    Development and CI/CD
    Development Operations and CI/CD pipelines. CI/CD training and mentoring
    Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance – manual and automated
    Performance Engineering
    Performance Engineering and optimization
    Production health monitoring
    Production/sustaining health monitoring

    How is Kanda Different?

    Kanda brings to the table unique capabilities that help our clients overcome a variety of challenges:
    • Compliance with federal, state and foreign regulatory requirements such as HITRUST, HIPAA, FDA, CLIA, and NIST
    • Utilization of healthcare-specific interoperability protocols such as HL7 and FHIR
    • Integration with large-scale and speciality EHR platforms
    • Deployment of modern tools and technologies – AI/machine learning; Big Data; Cloud Engineering and Cloud Deployment; Intelligent Assistants and IoT rapidly and transparently.
    Kanda has a trained cadre of business analysts, software architects, software engineers and quality assurance professionals to effectively work with:
    • Acute Care clinical and administrative workflows and data stack such as ADT, laboratory results, observations, medication orders, billing
    • Clinical Genomics and personalized medicine data processing
    • Common healthcare industry standards and nomenclatures: UB, ICD, CPT, DSM, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD, RxNorm, DiagnosisRx, and radiology imaging (DICOM)

    Clients of our digital health practice benefit from Kanda’s core competencies of hiring, continuously training and long-term retaining of excellent technologists. Our key differentiating factors lie in domain knowledge, regulatory compliance and deep technical expertise in technologies underlying any successful health-related software development initiative.

    When you work with Kanda’s Digital Health Practice you have the confidence of working with the partner that does not just talk the talk. We walk the walk – from understanding what and why you are building to managing the processes and methodologies all the way to letting you sleep well at night knowing your patient data, your intellectual property and your product’s runtime are well protected.