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Callnote Skype application for audio recording

Kanda Software Releases Callnote Call Recording for Skype and Evernote: Free Software Allows Users to Record SkypeTM Calls and Save in Evernote.

Newton, Massachusetts (December 13, 2011) Kanda Software, a leading software development firm, has announced that Callnote Application for Skype TM is now freely available. Callnote is currently among the most popular applications in the audio call recording category of the Skype App Directory. The app is also available from Kanda’s web site.

Callnote for Skype was developed to record Skyple conversations and automatically post recordings to Evernote. By automating the recording and posting processes, Callnote makes it simple to maintain an archive of full or partial Skype conversations in a user’s Evernote notebook.

Callnote is a lightweight app that works with the Skype desktop application for Windows and Mac. Incredibly simple and useful, users click the “Record” button to start a recording or Callnote can start automatically when a call starts; users click “Stop” to end a recording manually or it will stop automatically when the call is over. Callnote can record multiparty conversations—up to 8 lines per call.

Recordings are sent to a user’s Evernote notebook of choice with the names of the participants and the call duration already specified. The user can optionally edit the note’s title and description before posting it to Evernote.

Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda Software, discussed the need for the application: “Like many geographically distributed organizations, our team members often rely on Skype to communicate, but we had no way of saving and then easily accessing critical information discussed during calls. When you use Agile Software Development Methodology as much as we do, a lot of important points are discussed on a call never to be written down—but then one has to rely on memory to recall complex and intricate technical decisions. We built Callnote to provide a super simple but highly effective way of saving these conversations.” Mr. Karpovsky added, “But we didn’t stop with just recording the call. We believed that Callnote would be even more useful if it was integrated into Evernote—the most widely used note-taking platform in the world with over 10 Million users. Finally, we knew Callnote would benefit many Skype users, so we decided to give it away.”

Leo Galperin, a user from Language Connection, talked about the value of Callnote. “I’ve been addicted to Skype for business communications for years, but I’ve always had to rely on my memory, my slow typing, and inconsistent note taking for some pretty important details. Callnote changed all that. By recording the call, I can forget about needing to take notes and concentrate on digging deeper in conversations with my clients.”

To ensure protection of the users’ privacy, Callnote can post a message that the call is being recorded to each party’s Skype dialog window.

To use Callnote, users download the PC or Mac application from Skype’s download section or from Kanda’s web site. After installing the app and running it, users will be prompted to allow Callnote access to Skype—click on “Allow” to record the conversations.

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