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Callnote – Skype Video and Audio Call Recorder is going strong despite Skype App Store closing

On October 22nd Skype terminated its Skype Application Directory but Callnote Call Recorder for Skype and Facebook continues to grow.

We at Kanda are sorry to learn that Microsoft has closed the Skype App Store that used to be a one-stop shop for millions of people looking for Skype Audio and Video recording functionality and other add-ons. But rest assured that our top-downloaded Video and Audio Call Recorder for Mac and Windows family of products will remain available and continue to grow its user base and functionality.

We have hundreds of thousands of users recording Skype video, audio and chat for personal, educational, and professional needs and we are not going to let them and the new users down! In addition to being able to record Skype calls’ audio, video and chat we have recently added recording Facebook Video Calls. Call Recording for other popular online communication environments are in the works.

Since we let you store your call video recordings in Evernote and Dropbox automatically and share your audio, video, chat, and photo records on Facebook and YouTube we have added the ability to edit your Video Call Recordings. This way you can cut out a part of the Video Recording that you do not want to share as well as replace your Audio Recording with a musical track, and add Titles to your video recording to make it more attractive to YouTube audience.

We now have two versions of Callnote Video Call Recorder for Windows available to you. Our free Callnote Premium Skype Call Recorder has all the functionality you need to record, save, and share your calls. The $19.95 Pro Call Recorder adds editing, Facebook, HD Video Recording and other exciting features as well. Our Callnote Premium Mac Call Recorder is free and records Skype audio and video on the Mac and was very well received by the Mac reviewers.

You can continue to download the Callnote Skype and Facebook Video Call Recorder directly from Kanda’s website or from CNET Download.com.

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