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Cogniscient chooses Kanda to help financial professionals better serve elderly’s financial needs

Cogniscient provides innovative software solutions, training programs, and coaching services that enable wealth management firms to more successfully meet the needs of older adults and their families.

The company helps financial advisors connect and communicate more effectively with seniors, empowering them to protect family wealth and legacies, and deepen client relationships.
Congniscient’s MoneyProfile™ Application Suite that is designed to identify and quantify important behavioral traits such as susceptibility to financial manipulation, financial decision-making style and competency, psychological attitudes towards money and risk, and more.

Cogniscient team has chosen Kanda as a custom software development vendor to develop company’s cloud-based SaaS solution as well as perform software quality assurance and testing. Kanda’s dedicated team is working closely with Cogniscient’s team to provide development transparency and ensure efficient knowledge and know-how transfer after the project completion.

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