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Kanda Ceased Operations in Russia

Immediately after the news of Russia’s treacherous attack on Ukraine, we made a decision to cease all operations in Russia. Our hearts and minds are with the Ukrainians. For many of us this is personal – we have roots and many friends in the area. Kanda is committed to assisting as many Ukrainians as possible through this tragic period in its history. We are working diligently on supporting our friends, family and colleagues in Ukraine.

In order to fully disengage from Russia we had to relocate some of our people to a neutral country, say goodbye to others, and disband our Russian corporate presence. We are happy to report to our valued clients and prospects that Kanda’s Central Asia hub is solid and growing. We have engineering resources in over 20 countries across Central Europe and Central Asia.

Furthermore, we have been actively growing our Latin American presence with the goal of 30% of our capacity coming from LatAm within the next 12 months.

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