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Kanda Has a Gift for Helping E-Commerce Gifting Start-Ups

With Love XO is a shopping, concierge and custom gift-giving service that combines e-commerce gifting with a personal touch. Kanda’s software development team was hired to improve the company’s website experience, integrating their marketing messaging and social media content, and to streamline their e-commerce payments and billing workflows.

The site needed to be developed within their current CMS, utilizing WordPress, PHP and JavaScript technology stacks. Kanda also assisted with new infrastructure and hosting for the site, front-end UI/UX, payment and accounting systems, multiple plugins including the homepage video plug-in, and improving overall site performance.

Kanda was awarded the project because we listened to the management team’s concerns and addressed how best to enhance their members’ experience on the site. Additionally, Kanda demonstrated extensive experience working with e-commerce start-ups, and specific experience with other shopping sites like RueLaLa.

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