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Kanda Releases Callnote Professional for recording and editing Skype and Facebook calls

Introduces High-End Capabilities to Popular Skype Call Recorder Desktop App

PRWeb (Press Release) – Newton, Massachusetts – Kanda Software, a leading software development firm, has announced that it has released Callnote Professional Call Recorder for Skype and Facebook as the third option for Callnote users. CallNote Professional is a high-end version of Kanda’s highly successful Callnote software created to allow Skype users to record their Skype calls.

New in Callnote Professional is the ability to record Facebook Video calls as well as edit Skype and Facebook video recordings within the applications.

A 14-day free trial of Callnote Professional is availalble immediately from Kandasoft.com and it is priced at $19.95/year thereafter.

With over 200,000 downloads to-date, Callnote has become one of the most popular applications for recording Skype calls. Building on the immense success of the Callnote desktop application for Windows and Mac, Callnote Professional introduces the ability to record and edit high-definition video in either Skype or Facebook. In addition, the application preserves the ability to share the recordings on Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube and via email.

All versions of Callnote are fully integrated with Evernote and Dropbox so that users can automatically save their recordings.  Users can also choose to capture their Skype chats, take instant photos any time during the call instead of or in addition to the video recording and share their recordings on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube. All versions of Callnote are available in English, German, French, Japanese and Russian.


“We created Callnote Professional because the large installed base of Callnote users asked for it. Although the core product has delivered so much value for the past couple of years, our users asked for more – and we are excited to comply. A key feature of Callnote Professional is working with high-definition video as it has become a valuable option as broadband and high-speed has become ubiquitous. Mr. Karpovsky added, “When building apps like Callnote, our philosophy has always been to put as much into them as the market needs, but not more. Now that we offer multiple versions of Callnote, users can get precisely what they need.”

Callnote Professional Call Recorder for Skype and Facebook costs $19.95 per year, and a free trial is available for 14 days.
Requirements for Callnote Professional Call Recorder for Skype and Facebook
Skype 6.0 or higher recommended
Operation system: Windows XP/Vista/7

About Kanda

Based out of Massachusetts, Kanda is a proven software development and testing organization with over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. We are a fully integrated service provider specializing in delivery of custom software solutions in the areas of information delivery and analysis, SaaS, and mobile software development. At Kanda, we have deep experience in core development technologies as well as adding new technology capabilities as they enter the market. Kanda is your partner for a world where software development is constantly in flux and continually being reinvented

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