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Kanda Releases Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote for Capturing Notes and Ideas on Android

Kanda Software, a leading software development firm, has announced that it has released Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote for Android mobile devices. Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote is a simple, effective, and free way to quickly capture your ideas to easily remember them for later. Stringnote integrates with Evernote so that all notes, reminders, and pictures are synchronized in the users Evernote account.

Building on the significant growth in the Android handset device market, Kanda created Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote to simplify the process of quickly capturing notes, reminders, or photographs. The app is also fully integrated with Evernote so that users can automatically and remotely post those notes, reminders, and digital photographs to their Evernote accounts.

“We created Stringnote because great ideas can have lousy timing. Whether you are driving, watching TV, or participating in a conference call, your brain is multi-tasking – processing your thoughts and ideas in its own order. Stringnote helps you capture those ideas and save them with other ideas for you to review when you have some time,” said Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda Software, commenting on the release of Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote. Mr. Karpovsky added, “Evernote has over 10 million users at this point, and many of them rely upon their mobile devices to take pictures, create notes, and reminders. We feel that Stringnote integrates the power of Android devices with the ubiquity of Evernote in a thoroughly useful manner.”

Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote is a lightweight application and runs on Google’s Android operating system. In order to use Stringnote, users simply double-click the power button on their Android device. At that point, users can take a picture or record up to 15 seconds of spoken voice and add it to the note. Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote automatically records the time, a short description, and your current location when available, and sends it to your Evernote notebook. Finally, users can go to their Evernote account and edit, file, and organize their notes.

Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote is free. To use Kanda’s Stringnote Instant Reminder for Evernote, users can download it from the Android Apps section of Google Play

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