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Kanda Software Selected to Engineer Digital Health Solutions for Spirosure

Medical device manufacturer Spirosure has selected Kanda Software to deliver a robust digital health application that helps people with chronic pulmonary disease better manage their health. Spirosure’s goal is to optimize treatment for the 250+ million patients worldwide suffering from chronic pulmonary diseases like asthma, conditions that are often not well controlled. Kanda’s Digital Health Practice has been charged with leading this project because of our healthcare expertise in the areas of regulatory compliance, healthcare-specific interoperability protocols, and solutions for managing large volumes of rich, complex clinical data.

To kick off the project, Vivek Balasubramanyam, Director of Software and Digital Health for Spirosure, visited our office in Minsk, Belarus. This gave him an opportunity to meet with the development team face to face and experience the local culture and hospitality. A couple weeks on site solidified Kanda as a seamless, trusted partner with Spirosure. At the end, Vivek told us it was the best business trip of his life!

Kanda is developing multiple mobile and web software applications that start-up Spirosure needs to optimize treatment for patients worldwide suffering from diseases like asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension, while meeting healthcare compliance (HIPAA) and governance goals. Together, our focus is on speeding deployment of the company’s innovative solutions to patients and doctors.

The substantial breath-based biometric and other actionable data they are collecting is critical to managing patient care and that’s where Kanda comes in. We are certain the digital health solution we are developing for them will make a real difference in patients’ lives.

Initially, Spirosure approached Kanda with the idea of a Ruby on Rails monolith application. Working closely to discuss all the use cases and develop a cohesive roadmap, the Kanda and Spirosure teams decided to break the applications into pieces that involve redesign of Spirosure’s web and mobile solutions. Kanda identified several opportunities to improve Spirosure’s offering, for example simplifying the web interface for clinicians and offering a mobile app for patients.

Kanda will ensure successful deployment through a talented team of professionals that include a dedicated project manager, business analysts, software engineers, software architects, Quality Assurance experts and UX/UI designers. Kanda’s custom software development services for Spirosure will include mobile application development, front-end UI/UX, back-end core engineering, Ruby on Rails development, and cloud technology via AWS.

Kanda’s depth of technical product development and database engineering capabilities as well as our experience and knowledge in digital health makes Spirosure an ideal partner. Digital health is a fast-growing area so our team stays up-to-date on the latest in healthcare technology issues and data security in order to rapidly develop high quality, compliant software solutions. We are happy that Spirosure has chosen us as their partner in developing this life-changing technology.

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