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Kanda, UPenn’s AppItUP software development partner, has chosen Anaphylaxis 911 as a mobile app development project

On November 22nd, VCs and leading software development companies evaluated AppItUP semi-finalists and chose the best mobile app ideas for the development of functional prototypes.

Kanda has chosen Anaphylaxis 911 as a mobile app development project. Anaphylaxis 911 is a mobile application that texts 911 with pertinent information and calls 911 via speakerphone in the event when the user is in anaphylactic shock and may lose consciousness before help arrives.

This mobile application represents an advance in using mobile devices to improve health care delivery. It addresses a real need faced by millions of people. Therefore, it has a significant market potential. According to the FCC, mobile carriers will provide text-to-911 service by May 15, 2014 in all areas served by their networks. Anaphylaxis 911 has a potential to get the first-mover advantage over the other mobile apps that will be launched soon after the text-to-911 capability is in effect.

As a software development company Kanda has worked with a variety of mobile app development platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Kanda has expertise in voice-to-text and text-to-speech technologies as well as cloud application development.

The combination of a great idea and Kanda’s extensive expertise in software development for healthcare as well as mobile application development determined the decision to develop functional prototype for Anaphylaxis 911.

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