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Kanda’s Client Lifepod has won Health Tech Venture Challenge

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We are happy to announce that Kanda’s Client Lifepod is the winner of Health Tech Venture Challenge organized by Advocate Aurora Health and MATTER.

Health Tech Venture Challenge is a nationwide competition focused on innovative solutions addressing unmet needs in healthcare. This year, Advocate Aurora Health and MATTER were evaluating solutions helping aging adults to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. Participating early-stage startups had to demonstrate an innovative way to improve care coordination through the quality and frequency of communication between family members, caregivers and doctors as well as deliver solutions for older adults to maintain their health and wellbeing in the comfort of their own home.

LifePod’s easy-to-use voice service offers proactive, voice-based check-ins and reminders, and encourages users to access other online services (music, weather, therapy, news) to enhance their day and help them feel more connected. The service also provides two-way conversations with a natural voice dialogue, configured and controlled by remote caregivers using an online portal. The LifePod Family Caregiver service works closely with families, professional caregivers, and senior living facilities to design the best solutions to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of long-term care.

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