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Kanda-developed mobile eHealth app Rescufy wins UPenn AppitUP Challenge

Back in November, Kanda Software, Upenn’s development partner, has evaluated several brilliant mobile application ideas has chosen one AppitUP finalist, Rescufy (formerly Anaphylaxis 911) as a mobile app development project.

We are pleased to announce that Rescufy is a AppitUP Challenge 2014 winner.

Kanda team believes, that Rescufy represents an advance in using mobile devices to improve health care delivery and addresses a real need faced by millions of people.

Rescufy is aimed to simplify the standard anaphylaxis action plan for people with various allergies.
With one touch of a button, mobile application will send critical information to 911 and emergency contacts. Rescufy sends such information as medical condition and history, contact information including geo-location, medication taken to the first responders and emergency contacts, so they can quickly reach in case when a patient is experiencing anaphylactic shock. There’s also an option of dialing 911 from the Lock Screen with a voice recording of the same information should the user be impaired by his/her condition.

Rescufy AppitUp Winner 2014
The combination of a great idea and Kanda’s extensive experience in custom software development for digital healthcare companies as well as mobile application development made it possible to create a user friendly, easy to navigate, but functional Android application. The implementation of the geo-location, text-to-speech features as well as lock screen emergency call button allows to automatically collect necessary information and simplifies access to the application in case of anaphylactic shock. After setting up the profile and customizing text messages, the user is able to dial and text 911 or emergency contacts with one touch of a button.

*IMAGE. From left to right: Alex Karpovsky, President at Kanda Software; Sheree Revilla, Rescufy CEO; David Edwards, Rescufy Founder.

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