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Kanda’s project, Vifant, is a runner-up in Upenn’s AppitUP 2015 competition

Kanda is proud to be UPenn’s development partner second year in a row. We are pleased to announce that Vifant, Kanda’s 2015 project, is a runner up in Upenn’s AppItUP mobile application challenge this year.

Vifant is a brainchild of Monte Mills, the chief of the Division of Ophthalmology at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia . The application measures vision in infants with moving screen patterns while observing the visual behavior of the child. Pattern size can be changed to measure visual acuity threshold. Vifant is aimed to alert parents about children’s potential eye problems earlier.
Kanda used eye movement tracking technology to assess infant’s visual patterns.

This year, AppItUP received 427 submissions; most of them were from Wharton School of Business. Out of 46 submission from the Perelman School of Medicine, 7 made it to the semi-finals. The challenge is a snapshot of the major innovative transformation that is happening on mHealth. Ideas were spanning from a dynamic phone directory for hospitals to a Google Glass application for people recovering from strokes.

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