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Boston Advanced Analytics Chooses Kanda to Create an IVF Patient Mobile App for a Leading U.S. Hospital

In a recent project for Boston Advanced Analytics (BAA) and their client, a leading U.S. hospital, the Kanda sales, delivery and remote technical teams were highly successful at scoping and developing a mobile app to keep In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) patients and clinical staff apprised of patient data.

BAA is a consulting services firm focused on workflow and data analytics to help hospitals, researchers and practitioners fully integrate patient information. Kanda was tasked with building a mobile application that replicates much of a patient’s status information contained in the hospital’s IVF database. Kanda’s assistance will help patients and clinicians have a consistently up-to-date view of where the patient is in the IVF cycle.

The software developed also runs the embryology lab, where eggs are managed over a five-day IVF process. Additionally, it interfaces with the hospital Electronic Health Records (EHR) to acquire basic demographic information, along with labs and ultrasounds of patients.

Kanda assisted with rapid prototyping and the design, development and implementation of the mobile application that required a strong iOS/Android development team. Additionally, Kanda’s QA and project management oversight were key factors in managing delivery of the product—skills that have contributed to Kanda’s ongoing success in software product development.

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