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Luminoso has partnered with Kanda to develop components of company’s ML platform for feedback data

Luminoso, founded at MIT Media Labs in 2010), is an AI software company that allows clients to receive insights and analysis from their unstructured text data including product reviews, call center transcripts and support tickets. In today’s market, it is one of the fastest solutions available to capture, analyze and “listen” to customer feedback while extracting valuable and actionable insights. Luminoso provides a highly scalable software platform and can analyze tens of thousands of customer text communications, support tickets, open-ended survey responses or product reviews within minutes. It can natively analyze text in thirteen languages, including Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic. The rapid analysis dramatically improves customer experiences avoiding months of expensive tuning or massive data collection efforts. Companies learn from the constantly developing feedback and can make immediate adjustments.

Luminoso chose to partner with Kanda Software due to its experience with building out AI/ML platforms and solutions. In addition, in setting up data schema, streaming, and analysis components, Kanda team has designed and developed a responsive and user-friendly UI.

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