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One by AOL, a mobile supply-side platform has launched self-service capabilities globally

one by aol

ONE by AOL is a mobile SSP platform for app developers and mobile publishers aimed to help publishers streamline programmatic ad selling and transparency by eliminating the need to have multiple integrations with multiple demand sources. 

Until now, AOL’s offering was mostly a managed service that was not a choice of preference for developers who tend to work with self-service offerings.

ONE by AOL self-service offering is an answer to AdMob and MoPub that is aimed to grow company’s presence and scale in the mobile ad segment.

AOL’s SDK, which has a footprint of around 70,000 apps and sites, will allow advertisers and developers to manage their own ad serving, ad formats, network mediation and RTB, run reports on demand sources and pull the levers on brand safety controls themselves.

Kanda’s work on One by AOL mobile SSP managed and self-service solutions stems from collaboration with Nexage, that was acquired by Millennial Media in 2015 and then acquired as a part of MM by AOL in 2016.

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