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Rentometer: How We Turned a Cool Real Estate Concept into a High-Value Functioning Application

The founders of Rentometer had an idea to develop a sophisticated rent comparison application for use by renters, landlords, and investors. Rentometer chose Kanda to assist in developing this application because of our reputation in the industry as a reliable partner for software development and our many positive references from companies like Rentometer using similar technical approaches.
Kanda helped Rentometer realize their vision by developing a tool that allows Rentometer to collect data from real estate ads, extract vital details like price and geography, and then store and process that data. This data provides thorough rent comparison analysis in seconds for any address in the United States, producing over 6 million rent comparison reports to date for its users. Rentometer customers can search for data relevant to them including affordable neighborhoods for renters, rental property values for investors and rental pricing comparisons for landlords.
Rentometer attributes the project’s success to frequent communication with the Kanda team, an open discussion around current and upcoming features, and Kanda’s ongoing monitoring and management to ensure the stability of the application. Kanda’s partnership with Rentometer resulted in a fully functional rental comparison application that we upgrade regularly according to their business and customer needs.

Kanda has consistently been successful collaborating with companies like Rentometer, start-ups with a viable concept they need developed into a fully functioning application. If you have a vision for a product and need help getting it to market, please contact us and we’d be happy to share our best practices and discuss next steps.

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