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This Is What Kanda Accomplished in Just Two Weeks for Edgewise Networks

When companies come to us with a project requiring rapid development, we will quickly engage the right developer resources to ensure on-time delivery of top quality software. Kanda was recently selected by cyber security start-up Edgewise to develop a prototype to demo to prospects at a high-profile conference. Given a very short timeframe of about two weeks, we finalized the SOW and identified a strong developer in days, instilling confidence in Edgewise that we would deliver on time and on budget for their product launch at Black Hat USA 2017.

Founded by cybersecurity veterans, Edgewise delivers complex cybersecurity software that analyzes network traffic and identifies risk exposure or threats. Edgewise software simplifies cybersecurity because it doesn’t rely on hardware or changes to clients’ core infrastructure.

Kanda was tasked with developing a prototype of Edgewise Connect, a Chrome extension that dynamically parses web pages looking for known keywords, highlights those keywords and produces a floating window with dynamic content when the mouse hovers over a highlighted keyword. Critical to developing the Edgewise prototype were the ability to highlight text in a non-intrusive manner and display the dynamic floating window over an existing web page.

Kanda delivered to specification on a very tight deadline, rolling out a solid prototype for a future Edgewise product that was demoed to prospective clients with great success.

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